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Necrochemist and Rusts n' Oils Talents somewhat marginalised?


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Hi all,

I'm running a Chemist, and have just taken the Specialized Toxins talent. In the Core v2 book it's been changed to read: "When this character performs an Action or declares a Trigger that would give a target with the chosen Characteristic the Poison Condition, it affects the target (even if the target is not Living), and the target gains an additional Poison +1 for each chosen Characteristic that it possesses". 

Rusts n' Oils and Necrochemist say: "When this character creates a compound (...), she may choose to have it affect (Constructs/Undead) instead of Living characters". 

So anything that delivers Poison onto a target can be used under Specialized Toxins for affecting non-Living targets. Whereas the other two Talents also apply with any compounds that don't (or do), deliver Poison.

A lot of the Alchemistry Toxin compounds deliver both the Poison & the Neurotoxin Conditions, and the way I'm reading Specialized Toxins is that as long as Poison is involved, the compound's entire effects will be felt by the target (so Neurotoxin, Crazy, Suffocating and Paralyzed, as appropriate). Sound about right?

The Necrochemist/Rusts n' Oils Talents are still useful for all of the other compounds, especially for healing non-Living members of your own party.


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