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Nellie vs Perdita and Question


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Hey all, played a game yesterday: Nellie vs Perdita in Supply Wagon with Guarded Treasure, Take One For The Team, Dig, Show of Force, and Undercover Entourage.


Lists were:

Nellie (6 cache) w/ Delegation, Misleading Headlines, Guild Funds

Printing Press

Phiona w/ LLC and Transparency

The Jury w/ LLC and Debt

Brutal Emissary w/ Nellie upgrade 


Field Reporter (had Take One for the Team)

Guild Lawyer 


Perdita w/ Fastest Draw, Aura Ancestral, Trick Shooting

Enslaved Nephilim

Frank w/ Wade In

The Judge w/ his personal upgrade

Papa Loco (Take One for the Team)


Death Marshal

We both picked Take One for the Team and Dig Their Graves.


Basically, we both pushed the cart until Nino's Spotter ruined my day. After the Emissary popped Papa Loco on most of his dudes and was taken out by Perdita, I kept struggling to get models in to engage until I pulled some LOS shenanigans to push the cart and then used a Fast Phiona to kill Frank and Perdita over two turns. Putting Defensive +2 on her that turn meant she survived a ton of hits between Dita and The Judge. Got a couple points there and clutched out a tricky play with my Reporter getting killed by his Marshal by cheating in a Black Joker I had for a defense flip on his last activation, clutching out a 6-5 win.


A side note: my opponent had a lot of bad flips at crucial times and had even taken Aura because he knew I was playing Nellie as of late. He felt like even when his list was tailored for it, Nellie just has too many options and caused him to tilt pretty hard. Healing, fast, dropping markers, pushes, healing, extra soulstones (he tried to kill Nellie a couple times but I stoned a lot of damage) all seem so versatile. I've played control Warcasters in Warmachine that felt oppressive (Haley2), but I never felt bad like I did last night. What do I do about that? I mean, I made tactical decisions and errors so I don't like feeling like I'm being carried by a powerful Master. 




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How did Nino ruin your day? Him drawing LoS to a model behind your wagon should be exceedingly rare so I'm not sure why you had trouble pushing it.

Nellie is pretty strong, you can't really get around that. All masters were not created equal and Nellie is arguably the best guild master. From my quick calculations it also looks like you are over 50ss? Edit: I put it into the app and your list clocks in at 54 ss so your opponent shouldn't feel too bad. You should have had two upgrades less and a 4ss cache or played without the field reporter.

Your opponent had a list with only wave 1 models so that might have also have been a slight disadvantage. The Judge's upgrade is pretty costly and probably didn't end up doing much? Maybe two debts or LLCs instead of the Judge's upgrade would have gotten more use. His upgrades aren't super efficient but Nellie and Phiona make Dig their graves jokingly easy even when playing with the same amount of soulstones. Since Nino doesn't stop Nellie from dropping markers maybe he could have been left at home. Then again that Perdita list should have been able to obliterate some of your models from far away. Did Perdita push up to start pressuring you turn one? With Francisco's buff she could probably have tanked quite well and she is also immune to the lawyer's debuff. Papa Loco is a model that can perform spectacularly but does not always make back his points. From your report it sounds like Loco exploded on his own crew? That's not great and will turn a match. If he had exploded in your crew because your opponent out-activated and delivered Loco with a Brutal Emissary of his own the match might have looked a bit different.


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