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Dreams and Misery


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First, you need serena bowman and her upgrades, this makes the sorrows both from the shadows, which helps with their poor movement, and makes them a nightmare, which is great, because this means your day dreams can push them every turn. Also, i'd get the tantrum upgrade, which adds more synergy with sorrows counting as an extra tick of damage, and also tantrum's attack is resisted by willpower. Another thing you'll want is a woe with the depression upgrade, which grants other woes a 1 ap, ranged, wp-resisted attack. which sorrows really need. lilitu would be a great choice, being a nightmare, woe, and has a wp resisted lure which will bring enemies closer to your death bubble, but any woe which fits your build is good.

now that you got your basics, you can do what you want. find a way to make the sorrows more durable, ( ie: iggy w/ martyr ), make it harder for people to resist duels ( ie: insidious madness, mr tannen), add units that attack wp ( literally anything ), ways to bring targets closer ( ie: lilitu ).

Let me know what you come up and how it goes if you play it out. but before you play this out, you should play some regular pandora first, one thing she can provide the sorrows that the dreamer can't is her totem, which has an aura that makes units take a :-flipto wp duels, so you'll want to find out what daydreams can provide that the poltergeist can't. and on that note, you may find out that pandora and her totem provide a warm spot for alps in return too, and you can make a list around that too.

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