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Can you make Shen into a brawler?

Anung Un Rama

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I dont mean a beater but has anyone successfully put together a build that has him wading in and brawling away? I love the model and the fluff and have played a few games with him and he is good as the support master but for something different id like to see if i can brawl with him. So by brawling i mean a bit of tanking with flashing fists!

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Sure. Obligatory style upgrade, Yang (3 attacks on charge + 1 dmg pulse) and your pick of Recalled Training or Misdirection.

I usually go for Fermented River Style on the turn I want to do some beating to get those straight or positive damage flips. You kinda need one or two of those severes to do appreciable damage. Doing 1 aoe damage at end of activation is a huge help against hard to kill. 3-4 attacks an activation and you ought to be killing things, even something like an Emissary.

I don't usually build my crew too differently for this. You definitely need more beaters and I like having Mr. Tannen up near the action. With Drunken Kung Fu it's really hard to attack on +flips, so to offset my need to cheat more often it's nice to make cheating expensive on the opponent.

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Oh Yes.

Shenlong+Yang+High River Style+RT

Sensei Yu+Wandering River Style (Yes Promising Disciple is a Thing and Nice, but Slow, Shenlong loses a (0) and so one less Burning and Focus).



Shadow Emissary+Conflux of Dawn

Optional Low River Monk

Optional Charm Warder


Shenlong gets pushed by Kamaitachi, Sensei Yu or Mr.Graves (or a Combination of this Trio)

Sensei Yu makes Shenlong Fast. Fast Shenlong gets 5 Attacks with Yang or 2x3 by two Charges (4 AP, 2 Charges, each charge with an possibel extra Attack).

High River Style for Burning Chi, Melee 7-9.

You got 2x(0) on Shenlong for Fokus and Burning.


Mr. Graves is there for Push, Extra Damage/Beater and Shenlong BackUp.

Charm Warder puts Disguised or Vanished on Shenliong.


5 Attacks by Charge on a Master with Shenlong with +(+) from RT(Focus), by Burning CHI Melee 7-9 and Stone for Chakra Points is a lot of unresitet Damage.


Add in Ohaguro Bettari for Denie of Nasty DF-/Trigger.

Add in Lone Swords Men for extra Damage/Thread.

Add in Hans for Finishing the Targets of Shenlong or Mr.Graves and/or Range Thread.

Kamaitaichi over Peseants because the extra (0) and Shenlong gets up really fast on the Board and the Peseants hanging on the Back of the Board.

Misdirecton for more Tankyness is an Option.


Kamaitachi pushes for 6", Mr.Graves for 6" and Sensei Yu for 5" / and another 5"= 22" of Pushes, most of the Time only 16" because of Set Up, Range, Postion or Board.

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