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Hello guys! 

I would like to invite you on the biggest tournament ever seen in Russia! Best players from all former USSR, two days, awesome prizes and GRAND-PRIZE: Journey for UK National!

Supreme Henchman: @Stark
Assistant Henchmans: will be soon
Where: The Central House of Artists - Moscow, Krymsky Val, dom 10
When: Saturday and Sunday, September 8-9th, 2018
Number of participants:  64 (14 reserved for winners of Qualifying series)
Size: 50 SS GG2018
Tickets: 3000₽ (tea, coffee, cookies and lunch at the firs day INCLUDE)
Full rules: https://vk.com/page-165081729_54357215
There will be regular updates here https://vk.com/grandmalifauxtourney

• 1 place – 30 000₽, Soulstone cup, Grand tourney's hoody and special prize bag (incl. Wyrd stuff), paid visa, transfer and ticket for UK Natioanal!
• 2 place – 20 000₽, Soulstone cup, Grand tourney's hoody and special prize bag (incl. Wyrd stuff).
• 3 place – 10 000₽, Soulstone cup, Grand tourney's hoody and special prize bag (incl. Wyrd stuff).

All participans - Grand tourney's t-shirt and merch-bag.

 - Schedule: - 
1st DAY
• 10:00–11:00 - Registration
• 11:30–13:45 - 1 Round
• 13:45–15:00 - Lunch break
• 15:00–17:15 - 2 Round
• 17:15–17:30 - Coffee break
• 17:30–19:45 - 3 Round
• 20:00 - 1st day closing

2nd DAY
• 10:00–12:15 - 4 Round
• 12:15–13:30 - Lunch break
• 13:30–15:45 - 5 Round
• 15:45–16:00 - Coffee break
• 16:00–18:15 - 6 Round
• 18:40 - Reward ceremony


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Guys, I'm glad to present to you the biggest tournament in Russia which took place at 8-9 September in Moscow with great support GeekWars. This was preceded by 4 months of countrywide Qualifying Tournament series and there was 256 participants and 21 henchman from 19 cities. At the tourney itself was 45 participants (and 1 drop). The main prize was pre-paid journey for UK National, 450/300/150$ for the first 3 places, unique T-shirts for every participant and full pack of prizes from Wyrd. 

That was the most awesome and cool event, I've ever organised )) 

Soo, here's some images and statistics)

Also, the top 3 Players will represent Russia at the UK National! 
Kirill Govyazin - @Chris Garstan
Ivan Copylov - @Daniel Walker
Ilya Udovenko - @Sagrit







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