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  1. For Nellie's crew new focus means no benefits for crew ability at all
  2. 1 question: Humiliation: At the start of this model's Activation, it gains Distracted +1. Then, the opposing player may either draw a card or gain a Pass Token. If a model is immune to distract condition does the part "Then, the opposing player may either draw a card or gain a Pass Token." still work?
  3. Hello, just to be sure that we play the same game: “Dashel: I think summoners should all go to around 18-19SS outside of Keyword. I managed to Summon 23SS of models during the game (2x Mounted Guard + Sergeant). They will always be worth the cost, even with 2 summoned models at the same time. Overall apart from hiring, I think he's OK.“ When you count on summon you will pay 19 soul stones for Dashel and Dispatcher. In common games you have no “red jokers-fall” sometimes you haven’t got even 10 after 2 ss broken. 2 models in same time? With only 2 upgrades avalible outside of keyword... those 2 zombie dogs... from friendly scheme marker or 2 guard patrols from enemy scheme marker... To feel the pain playing journalists nowadays I suggest to try to achieve Asami Tanaka for instance. When they attack your field reporter with focus and flicker adding... good old double focus. Serena and distract makes a straight flip to attack but damage flip is still with 2 positives. Also I used against distract assist action to remove some stacked distracts... by insignificant model Best regards. PS: Distract, working only when attacking an enemy model for crew using it as basic mechanic without anything else is crappy a bit, same as Phiona is not having a “focus for interact in los” ability.
  4. Hello! We are stuck a bit here if an ability "Stand Back! It's Evidence!" works when a marker drops without any Activation, for instance as a result of condition resolving at the end of the turn (model died and dropped marker, Evidence condition fell off and marker appeared) Best regards!
  5. Btw everyone forgot the Wooden Guy... Collodi...
  6. "We no need no water let the ... burn..." (c) Sonnia Creed... Btw same goes to Wong , who kills Nelly easily...
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