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  1. Then this action is not count to her actions limit? So why bonus actions do? I agree to the previous explanation but for 2 types of actions we have 2 different situations in same wording that seems to be awful.
  2. Dear Wyrds Please fix an Upstage action that count as 2 for the model's limits. Since according to this logic Upstage copies and burns 2 actions (This model may take the selected Actions.) 1 action to copy and 1 to take it - same goes to Bonus action. 1 to copy and then it would be the only bonus action per activation. So this action is almost useless.
  3. Zoraida 7 stat and ability to pick up a new hand... Phiona has 5 Wp.
  4. 1. Focus-Charge = you need less charges and you can softener her before. 2. The Headline trigger = opponent calls that he discards markers so you CAN'T place a marker with Nellie. So you need only 1 model with 2 focuses and ignore deftriggers. Or Agent or nekima or whoever else.
  5. You still have Nellie's action to generate a Scheme marker outside 2inch aura? or you need an activation in between?
  6. There are not that much changes after last update and some of them made her easily to counter.
  7. No. if you want her dead and you know that she is 1-st master ( as 2-nd master she is even worse ) you take ignore DefTriggers and kill her easily.
  8. She is ok only if opponent never seen her. - the 3-rd or 4-th game = you screwed up
  9. Try to get enemy Scheme marker for Dashel with new Nellie.
  10. Forget about Nellie as Card drawer ... 8 inches, LOS - even DropIt and gaining focus+card for marker was better - some synergy with Guards - so you could avoid taking Press for 5!!!! SS
  11. I'd say they had some def in early beta - since that time they had low stats - look at Ophelia - she is well with low stats and a protection ability hard to ignore.
  12. Ok I'd like to learn your play style to improve mine since I can do nothing with some M3E masters and factions. Even in best schemepull.
  13. Outcasts are competitive but I mostly played against Schill and Leveticus - those are good solid toolboxes. Schill more Levit is less - he's about no healing and irreduce.
  14. We made 2 tourneys here in Moscow and I was testing with top players here - so my idea is comparing toolboxes, not "give me power" in 2Me Guild had a toolbox Nellie (not brainless), toolbox Hoffman, toolbox Lucius, toolbox McCabe (very special) and 3 kinds of killers - LJ, Sonnia and Perdita they were strong in killing but hard in schemes. SO you could play with master mastering him - now we have only 2 toolboxes (Lucius/Dashel) and 2 beaters (LJ/Hoffman). Other masters will suffer against any competitive roasters of NVB, TT, Gremlins (after they "fixed" Ophelia), Arcanists. I can't see how they should play as intended.
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