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Malifaux at Moab

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When: Saturday 29th September
Cost: $30 early bird special (before 16/9) $40 afterwards. Sign up at http://www.motherofallbattles.org/
Rounds: 3 rounds.
Soulstones: All games are at 50ss
Masters/Lists: It will be a fix faction event.
Painting: There is no painting requirement, however, painted crews look better!! And there will also be a prize for best painted with enough numbers.
Prizes: There will be prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd. If we have enough entries painting and sportsmanship as well.
Time: Each round will be 2hrs.
Schemes and Strategies: 

Game 1
Deployment: Corner
Strategy: Ours
Schemes: Guarded treasure, Dig their graves, Undercover entourage, Take prisoner, Recover evidence

Game 2
Deployment: Standard
Strategy: Public Executions
Schemes: Eliminate the leadership, Covert breakthrough, Hold up their forces, Show of force, Public demonstration.

Game 3
Deployment: Flank
Strategy: Symbols of Authority
Schemes: Punish the weak, Dig their graves, Hold up their forces, Show of force, Take one for the team 


8:30am Registration
9am - 11am Game 1
11:15am - 1:15pm Game 2
1:15pm - 2pm Lunch
2pm - 4pm Game 3
4pm- 415pm Pack up and Awards
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