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Hey all.  Just getting back into the game and I have the following masters;






I think I'm going to focus on 2 of them for now, Pandora and Hamelin.  Having said that, I have the old metal box set for Hamelin, which I think is the same as the models in the new plastic box.  Haven't decided if I want to grab the plastic models, but I do realize I need to add some stuff to the crew.


My local meta is;




One guy has all the Rezzers



What would you add to the current crew to be effective, and what changes would you make depending on which other master I face in our weekly games?  Any strats or tactics also very welcome.  I have read the sticky post by the way, good information there,  I just need a good starter list, and an idea of how to play it.

Thanks in advance!

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First of all, you'll need M2E cards, both for his crew and general upgrades - you can either order his crew cards at wargamevault and buy general upgrade decks (generalist upgrade deck 1 & 2, Broken Promises upgrade deck) or purchase access to all cards for 10$ in Wyrd officiall app (Bad Things Happen).

For Hamelin, you'll need brotherhood of rat encounter box, because rats now can merge together into rat kings, who then can split into rat catchers and more rats. There are no 1st ed. metal rat kings, so this purchase is mandatory (unless you have some good proxies). Other models I can reccomend include - Ashes and Dust, Desolation engine (in case of either of them, you'll need few Abominations for summoning purposes), Bishop, Benny Wolcomb (he is going to be released this month), Midnight Stalker, Sue, Baby Kade (from Pandora's crew) and Crooligans (Resser models) as good scheme runners. 

Exemplary crew:

50 SS Outcasts Crew

Hamelin + 7 Pool
- The Piper (2)
 Plague Pits (1)
- Sewer King (1)

The Stolen (2)

Benny Wolcomb (8)
- Oath Keeper (1)

Ashes and Dust (14)
- The Bigger They Are (1)

Obedient Wretch (4)

Crooligan (4)

Crooligan (4)

Malifaux Rat (2) 


 Nix with his personal upgrade (hollow)  is strong against both Sonnia and Raspy, as he can provide blast immunity for friendly models around him.


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Hamelin is my new master and I love him. You probably need 6-8 rats (or proxy) and two rat kings. From what I'm told GG18 is a bit of a nerf to him, but he still does well.

(A&D going up in cost and not being able to gain conditions stings a bit so he isn't the autotake he once was).  That said the list above is similar to what I've used lately. Plague pits is a reliable way to get blight out early versus most crews and benny is proving to solid and good at hunting enforcers or henchmen with upgrades. Just be aware that some pools really make it rough on hamelin.

Punish the weak is less than optimal & as I found out the hard way hold up their forces works on peons...ala rats and is easy to score against him if you aren't careful. 

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Benny should be out this month. Hopefully your local game store carries them, but if not ebay/amazon/miniature market -  plenty of options for crooligans and A&D. Gadzooks sells singles of things which can be a bit more pricey but sometimes you don't really want 3 or just need one model from a box.



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