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Hello, fellow hobbyists!

Only my second post on the forums (so be gentle ;) ) - I'm not new to tabletop gaming, but definitely new to Malifaux and really loving the quality, realistic proportions and exquisite detail of the miniatures, although they are by-far-and-away some of the fiddliest builds I have ever encountered, and I am afraid I made a couple of minor mistakes along the way (don't look too closely at the Specialist's tubing for instance!), but all-in-all I am really pleased with how these turned out, and I love how they look on the tabletop...

My plans are to slowly expand with Lazarus, Sue and a couple of Convict Gunslingers - I'm also obligated to paint my wife's Ten Thunders, although if I'm honest the initial set didn't turn out quite as well as I hoped (first time working with yellow) and will be reserved for another post, at another time (possibly after they've had a Dettol do-over!).

In the meantime, whilst they're not up to the (frankly, inspirational) standard of many of the forum's existing luminaries, I hope you enjoy!














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Not bad, men! I would agree with Nikodemus - it wold be better to have more contrast between main color and armor metal. But maybe it just matter of lighting on photo. I personnaly in process of painting my freicorps, so look forvard to see your updates, good luck!

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Thanks guys!

I must admit, I tend to prefer limited and/or muted palettes and, where possible, follow the box art, so the lack of contrast is somewhat intentional. That being said, with hindsight the blue could perhaps have been more striking. It's something I might rectify in the future with a blue glaze, as the miniatures aren't varnished at present. In regards to the other Outcasts I'm looking to add, I think they all offer similarly limited colour schemes (Sue, for instance, is just various shades of grey and gunmetal), so hopefully the muted theme will tie everyone together.

Lazarus is already sitting on my 'to do' shelf so hopefully, in a fortnight or so, I might have some further progress to show!

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