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Growth League Stockholm


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Come join the rapid growth league in Stockholm. We'll be playing at Dragon's Lair on Kungsholms torg in central Stockholm. The league runs from the 4th of september to the 25th (found successive mondays). We usually start at 17:00 but stragglers may set up later games as long as they finish before 22:00.

Maximum 16 slots, enter the event through this form: https://goo.gl/forms/kTMi6VoGw8OIMncE2

Admittance: 20kr for the whole league to cover shipping costs for prizes. You also need to join the Dragon's lair club to play at the venue (can be done at the first visit).

We have slightly modified the event to run at a slower pace. All other rules will adhere to the rapid growth document found here https://www.wyrd-games.net/s/Organized-Play-Formats-dlxl.zip


Week 1: Henchman softcore (like henchman hardcore but you can only pick the crewbox you have chosen for the league as well as one other box).

Week 2: 25ss game, henchman leader, your starting box + 2 boxes (one must be the same as the previous week).

Week 3: 30ss game, master led, your starting box + 3 boxes (two of which are the same as you chose previously).

Week 4: 40ss master led, as above with the addition of one last box.

Any model you put on the table must be painted to a decent standard (according to your skill level of course). Bases don't need to be done but need to be the right size. 

Prizes will be raffled with tickets based on achievement points at the end of the league.

Hope I'll see you there!

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