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Out of curiousity, are there any token companies that are planning on making any widgets for TOS?  I know Wyrd's got their own tokens coming out with the Kickstarter, but I'd love it if someone would make something like a widget that kept track of the Turn / the VP's (or just yours) / the Tactics Tokens (or just yours), maybe something like the old Magic the Gathering life counters (like this or this)?  It could be nice to have the same to keep track of Glory / Shaken and Inspired / Pinned and Reinforcement Tokens for individual units, but maybe that'd be a bit too big to have a bunch of.  *Shrug*  Anyone got any other ideas on stuff that'd be helpful to have?

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Each Allegiance box comes with allegiance themed Tactics tokens, and there is a token pack with 5 each of Reinforcement, Shaken, Pinned, Inspired and generic Tactics that is not kickstarter exclusive, so I'd guess it's getting sold at retail. IIRC the acrylic tokens in the kickstarter are being made by Customeeple (who make the official acrylic tokens for Malifaux) and are not to my knowledge kickstarter exclusive either.

Other than turns there seems to be very little else to track in the game. Maybe objective tokens, or 100mm markers for things like Tide Pools, but the game seems refreshingly light on extra bits and bobs compared to Malifaux.

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