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Starting advice.


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Okay this thread has probably turned up a bit before but I thought I would ask.

I am moving from my guild (Sonnia) and other Arcanist (Colette) crews for something new, how does Ramos differ and what advice for someone starting him, tactics or models wise.

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Ramos is an excellent addition to any arcanist master.

His style is basically summoning steam arachnids and buffing them. His arachnids can be used for msny purposes, like board and activation control.


His base crew tends to be rather elite, as he summons later to expand.


Recommended starting purchases:

- Ramos box

- Toolkit or Electrical creation

- Additional 6pack Steam arachnids



- Johan

- Maybe mech rider

- Emissary

- Large steam arachnids


Also recommended:

- Angelica 

- raptors

- Union miner

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The maon difference is that  collette manopulates scheme markers and ap management, while Ramos works with his summons to win his strategies and schemes and to suppprt his main beaters.

For tactics and more info, check the excellebt pullmyfinger article.


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Colette is a master who manipulates scheme markers and attacks your enemy sideways, she can prompt to scalpel out threats and aggravates an opponent into mistakes.  She appears vulnerable and simple to kill but if played properly it is exceptionally hard to do, so inexperienced opponents tend to burn resources trying and experienced opponents often don't bother, both good results.

In contrast Ramos is a swarm master, he has a crew with several fearsome models and a few smaller activation's and barring horrific cards he will rapidly begin summoning spiders which are fast significant minions who can debuff enemies, are not slowed by terrain and can swarm together in a pinch to be scheme destroyers with reasonable punch.  Ramos himself then buffs his construct crew adding to both the potential attack and defense capability.  This crew out activates you with durable (barring anti-armor) fast minions, they tie things up in combat so bigger beaters can smash them and also slowing enemy strats while running all over the place and completing their own.  

So Colette runs small-med crew which scheme's out of all proportion to their numbers and is difficult to kill while it surgically removes threats.  

Ramos starts with a small-med crew but when the summoning engine begins it rapidly becomes large, it has potential +Att, +Df and Regen available and the models are all significant, fast and durable with armor.  It schemes and counter-schemes with numbers, overwhelms threats and outlasts/outnumbers opponents with durable minions which spawn faster than they can be killed.

Roughly the other Arcanists:

  • Raspy is relentless (FH is immune to horror), dangerous in melee and can blast enemies off the field from odd angles with mirror.
  • Ironsides is a sticky and tanky model who will hurt you when you engage and she can buff M&SU running dangerous ranged (Ox Mage and Gunsmiths) or melee (Spiders, Howard).
  • Kaeris is a crew with speed and burning action, with flight and other tricks which make her crew fast and the either hurt (burning damage) or eat AP (putting out burning).
  • Sandeep is a kinda jack-of-all trades master, he can fight, he can buff, he's fairly tough to kill and also summons.  With Academics and good support he is a do everything well if not totally dominate anything master, he'll compete every game and also can exploit a weaknesses at the same time. 
  • Mei Fend is a fast moving scalpel that bounces out of no where and executes smaller-mid ranged models while avoiding the big fight until she chooses (ideally) with a crew dominated by durable constructs which stick around and help her attack vectors.
  • Marcus is a sub-faction on his own and can run swarm or elite smash as the case needs, solid master built around a huge beast selection which means he can tailor his crew superbly and the master himself has two limited options as either a genuine threat himself or durable scheme running/interference.

All around Arcanists have a great varied selection depending on preference/need we can field blasts and deadly ranged, melee smash, scalpel speed, summoning, crew buffing.

The areas we don't really run are heavy fear lists (really NB and Rezzers [Pandora, Seamus] etc) and enemy crew crippling/obey (Gremlins, NB, TT, Outcasts [Zoraida, Pandora, Brewmaster, Jack Daw etc])

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