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Hello lovelys! I've got my first fixed master tournament coming up and I've picked zoraida to compete! I was just wanting to get everyone's two cents and crew lists. Here are the schemes and strats

R1: standard/extraction/claim jump/accusation/set up/hunting party

R2: corner/headhunter/claim jump/leave your mark/inspection/covert breakthrough 

R3: flank/guard the stash/claim jump/eliminate their leadership/dig graves/quick murder/tail'em

R1 plan: hunting party and claim jump. Zoraida uses repulsive at the end of turn to push enemies off the marker. 2 bayous claim jump with a bodyguard 

R2 plan: full inspection sending two squads and putting cover on zoraida/sammy with raven form. Lenny and slop haulers to help hold sides 

R3 plan: whiskey golem as highest ss model. Zoraida uses obeys to heal himself and buff df. Schemes entirely depend on enemy crew

Thnaks for the help and suggestions everyone! Also, should I buy mctavish before the tourney 

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10 hours ago, DanteJH said:

Also, should I buy mctavish before the tourney 

I cannot say much from a competitive PoV since i only have  about 4 casual games with Z(Zoraida).

What I can say is that I believe McT (McTavish) is amazing as her bodyguard:

  • McT rifle does not randomize into engagements and gains +1 to duel total  for every swampfiend in LoS and 6'' of the target. Z is a swampfiend, so McT will be adding at least +1 when shooting at someone threatening Z. edit: note that this is a trigger with the suit imbued, but cant be countered by trigger shutdown
  • Z has "Proper Manners: All attack flips performed by enemy models targeting this model receive :-fate unless they benefit from focus". McT has "Penetrating stench: enemy models within :aura6 may not take the focus or defensive stance actions". So with McT close by it is much harder to actually hit Z. This is even more true if McT uses his hunting screen
  • McT also gives everyone around him cover to non melee attacks. That means spells no longer ignore cover. 
  • Z can obey McT onto attacking once more

Even if you don't bring any other swampfiends (which I believe you should bring at least a will o' wisp, but that is a topic for another post), I believe there is plenty of sinergy here. Sure, 10SS is a lot for a bodyguard, but McT is worth every SS in there, even without all the possible synergy between them

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