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BKFaux VII: The Pass Line - Two Day Malifaux GT in New York City

Guy in Suit

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Hi all,

Unfortunate news, but I am reducing next weekends tournament to a single-day event, still starting Saturday at 10:45am.
We've had tepid sign ups early and a slew of drops these past few weeks, and an event that doesn't fill the space and doesn't justify five games of play should not be labeled as a 'Grand Tournament' and does not live up to the standard I hold BKFaux to represent.  The reasons have ranged from uncertainty from Book 5 and GG18, to the proximity on the calendar to other events and higher than expected hotel prices, but regardless, the ticket sales just aren't at the 30+ number I expected.
Therefore all paid attendees will be refunded in full within 24 hours.
But don't despair, there is still much Malifaux to be had next weekend!
Instead, we will be hosting a 1-day three round event, same time and place, using the first three rounds of the packet.  There will still be prizes and a bar crawl afterwards, and the event with charge the standard $10/$15 Nu Brand tournament rate - cash at the door.
We still have double-digit sign ups, and reducing to a single day will actually raise headcount, as we had additional players who were unable to attend Sunday due to conflicts.
Also, I will be doing some research and will reschedule the proper BKFaux event the next time calendars align.
Thanks for bearing with me, and we are still looking forward to see you all in Brooklyn!
Your humble TO,
-Andrew Weakland

To chat about this on Facebook - see the event page there:




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