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UK Masters 2017 - Invitational Qualification Criteria

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The UK Masters is one of the community's traditional events;  a weekend for everyone to celebrate the transition from one year of organised play to the next.  The event is in two parts; two days of open events anyone can play in, and in parallel the 'Masters Invitational' event, which crowns (complete with cheap plastic crown) an overall champion for the year; The UK Master.

Based on feedback received both privately and in the thread on this forum it seems there is little appetite to change the qualifying criteria for the invitational portion of the event.  As such the qualification rules for 2017 will be as follows;



i) Timing and Events:

  1. The 2017 season will run 01/01/17 to 30/11/17. 
  2. Sixteen players will be invited to the 2017 Masters, to be held at some point after 30/11/17, probably in January 2018.
  3. Exact; format, date, and location of the 2017 Masters event to be confirmed closer to the time. 

ii) Eligibility:

To be eligible to receive an invite a player must be;

  1. Active and in good standing within the UK Malifaux community.
  2. Have played in a minimum of at least four ranked events held during the 2017 season.
  3. Not have been disqualified from a Malifaux event of any kind held during the year of 2017.

iii) Invitations:

Invites to be given as follows;

  1. No player may receive more than one invite. 
  2. One invite offered to the reigning 2016 Master, who will be decided at the event in January 2017.
  3. One invite offered to the winner of the UK Nationals (aka UKGT) in 2017.
  4. The remaining invites are to be offered to the highest ranked players who are able to attend, based on the player rankings for UK events held in the 2017 season.* 
  5. Invites to be offered down the rankings until Masters is quorate at sixteen players. 


*Player rankings and their administration are a separate matter to be handled elsewhere.  

For rankings information see:  http://www.malifaux-rankings.com/

Current masters standings for iii 4 are available here;  http://www.malifaux-rankings.com/#/masters

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