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  1. After making a fair hash of the M3e release I was hoping wyrd wouldn't slip into their old release schedule habits, but sadly ......
  2. "August Release" possibly a bigger scam than these guys ever pulled off
  3. Sign me up please, can pay on paypal in advance if you let me know the details.
  4. Might I suggest pinning this to the top whilst it's the most up to date version of the Mod ?
  5. Plus me. Turned out I bought a ticket to the May event by mistake. Can’t even make the May one. Lol
  6. How many sign up are there? I might be tempted to come down for this given my parents live in Derby Thanks
  7. Has a date been picked for this event and it's associated side events?
  8. I tend to have them hang back just on my side of the board, wait for their crew to advance and then move them to wear the action is with my crew defending them. On a related note, what are people's views on moving them. Can I discard multiple cards at the end of a turn to move either a marker multiple times or multiple markers? I've had opponents say both Yes and No so I'm not sure which way is correct.
  9. So the tactic relies on the Whisperer killing something, that's a gamble right there, you need a suitable target in the general area you want to alpha strike and the enemy get an activation after Blood is placed. Sounds risky to me.
  10. Do you mean fixed list? or just really tiny crews?
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