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Schemes & Stones Blog: Quick Reference (Ten Thunders)


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Never in my life have I heard of anyone using Fingers with 10T brewmaster.  Yin and Ama no Zako are better, and you can usually count on a Merc'd in performer or two - if you're counting Wesley as available despite needing an upgrade for him, you can certainly count on an auto-take Merc.

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I'd probably look at adding Ten Thunder Brothers to the common models section.

Also, I'm far from an expert, but Misdirection makes Brewmaster not so easy to kill in my books so long as he has lots of enemies or a friendly tin-can to take the hits for him. With Terracotta Warriors, I think we'll likely see a fairly solid "Running Tab switched-out to Misdirection turn 1" strategy, meaning more Gremlin-only Tri-Chi models in 10T Brewie crews.

Mei Feng with Misdirection gains a :mask Df trigger on success or failure.

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