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Continuation of the system.


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Through the breach has quite quickly become my favorite ttrpg system. With its massive amount of customization, fast progression system, ever increasing balance, and of course the amazing amount of attention wyrd pays to its customers (mason im looking at you.) So I found myself wondering, what would it take to go beyond the planned 6 books. Id love to see Through the breach become the next pathfinder or dnd. I know fan content is a thing, and im planning on making some myself soon but nothing beats the legality of first party materials when you bring them to a table. I hope the fan base keeps growing, and that wyrd sees our love for the game, and decides to expand with some splat books and even more expansions beyond the 6 planned (imagine how bad ass through the breach modern would be.) Keep the world growing guys, and dont you dare let this company or this game die <3

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