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Here be Dragons, Saturday 28 January, Cardiff

Dumb Luck

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We be doing a one dayer on Saturday 28 January, at Firestorm Games in Cardiff (http://www.firestormgames.co.uk).

Single faction, 50ss games, three games across the day.

Only a tenner for a ticket, lunch not included but we have a cafe in the store, a Subway around the corner and the 'great' city of Cardiff on our doorstep for food.

Rules pack - HERE

Tickets can be bought here - http://www.firestormgames.co.uk/here-be-dragons-malifaux-tournament-2017

I know a few of the Swansea guys have already picked up tickets. I will get a list up sometime this week.


1 - Richard Walters

2 - William Lewis

3 - Keith Robinson

4 - Jay Walters

5 - Michael Asquith

6 - Rob Tozer

7 - Alex Ferron

8 - Jon McCarthy

9 - Alex Williams

10 - Liam Coupland

11 - Neil Harrison

12 - Jamie Armstrong

13 - Adam Yarwood

14 - Dan Warrell

15 - Richard Brandweiner

16 - Richard Bream

17 - Huw Jenkins

18 - Chris Bearman

19 - Martin Anthony

20 - Kevin Davies

21 - Michael Hartman

22 - Tom Thorpe 

23 - George Hollingdale

24 - Ben Leslie

25 - Keron Tucker

26 - Matt McConnell

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On 12 January 2017 at 9:36 AM, Murdock365 said:

Hi there.


Myself and 2 friends are very interested in coming to this event and are really keen to buy ticketsThere's 3 of us in total and I was wondering if you could let me know if any more tickets go on sale.


Thank you



I will keep you in the loop, as I have one of my locals and a few from further afield looking to get in!


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