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  1. Hey guys I'm going to be holiding another enforcer brawl at gamers emporium in Swansea on May 5th, let me know if your interested and here a link to the Facebook post for the event https://www.facebook.com/events/274375729676249/?ti=icl
  2. Since the new year I've been running a painting challenge group for a group of players in the South Wales area, where 10ss are required to be painted each month proving them unpainted at start of month then finished at end of the month, earning points as the go along, and being a third of the way through he 6month challenge I'm holding a 8player enforcer brawl on Friday the 3rd of march at Gamers Emporium, Swansea, unfortunately being limited by size of the player pack and gaming space in the store means all slots have unfortunately been filled for this event, but if your in or near the Swansea area and would like to know more about the painting challenge and future related events please drop me a message and I'll get back to you as soon as possible
  3. Dee-7

    UK Nationals 2017

    Thought I had paid and ordered but received no emails If my name not there please add me to reserve list Kevin Davies
  4. October 2016 hey guys I'm one of the local henchmen in he Swansea area and always more than happy to arrange a demo and chat for any of you interested in the game at all and fancy a introduction to the world of malifaux, feel free to message me arrange something and we can get you sorted out, demos will be held at gamers emporium
  5. Is miss fire our I stick it will g re just be a delay on her?
  6. Exactly how I thought it worked, thanks guys
  7. Johan has finish the job on his front of card, of he also has oath keeper and dies with oath keeper still attached (which also give finish the job), can he drop 2 markers before being removed or can finish the job not be stacked?
  8. Dee-7

    GE-Enforcer brawl

    Hey guys this Thursday I'm going to be running a small enforcer brawl to help get people interested in Malifaux and tell them about other wyrd products, I will be using my henchman starter pack as a prize and so come to gamers emporium in Swansea,Wales to try it out and see if you leave a winner. 7/7/2016 at around 19:00, already have a lot of interest so only a few places available
  9. Those bayou critters are wild!!!!! The lil green gremlins can't control them, before you know our towns will be run down with vicious 6ft chickens and if we don't stop them soon they will be eating us!!!!! So happy to be in final round this year as last year I got eliminated round 1, a massive thank you to word for running this and making the fantastic models they are best at, a massive thank you to the judges for giving up their time and I hope all other entrants have enjoyed their time as much as I have, love painting so much and enjoy trying to improve all the time, would love to one day to do it more than just a hobby
  10. "I don't care that we're forewarned McCabe! That things four armed and four times as dangerous!" Dee-7 round 4 iron painter 2016 four armed and dangerous http://ponty-painter.tumblr.com
  11. Dee-7

    The Chimera

    This looks fantastic pal and my first idea was EXACTLY the same lol best of luck and I look forward to seeing our scores, your painting is fantastic. If I'm out this round I'm happy it's to such a great painter.
  12. Ramos creating Howard Langston in his laboratory http://ponty-painter.tumblr.com
  13. Jack Daw is much better off UNDEAD round 2 entry by Dee-7 for iron painter 2016 please is you like my stuff check out and comment on my blog http://ponty-painter.tumblr.com
  14. Wow really like this and love the writing around the model, very clever
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