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H: Sandeep, Dark Carnival, Dark Coryphee & 1st Edition Arcanists - Want $$$


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Sadly, due to real world commitments, I have to sell some stuff to pay some bills! I have the following in the following conditions; 

Dark Carnival Crew (still boxed; was opened to check pieces and a replacement mannequin is included)

Dark Coryphee (Never taken out of packet)

Sandeep Crew (Box opened to check contents)

1st Edition Ramos crew, including Ramos, Alice, Steampunk Golem (Howard Langston), Large Arachnid, 2 Necropunk Abominations, Gunslinger, Soulstone Miner, 12 Arachnids (All magnetised to fit either 1 30mm base or 3 on a 40mm base), Electrical Creation, Brass Arachnid and a super-rare Ramos Avatar. All models have been primed black and some need assembly (all parts are there)

1st Edition Tuco

Lynch Crew, including core box set, 2 Beckoners and Graves - all assembled (sloppily) without the cards. 

UK based; images can be provided of all the things. Will split to a certain degree (Crew boxes won't be split). 

Have limited access to the internet for a few days, so don't be upset if I don't respond immediately. 

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