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New Playtest being held at the Wyrd Office


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Hi Everyone!

I'm excited to announce that we have another local playtest opportunity here at the Wyrd Offices. We had a great turnout at our playtest last week, and we received a lot of feedback that has helped make our new game even better. We also had a fun night talking and playing board games with friends. Playtesting will begin at 6:00 p.m. on Friday, November 4th (if you wish to show up early doors will be open at 5:30). You will be required to show up on time and be able to stay until at least 9:00 p.m. You will need to provide thoughts and feedback at the end of the game. We will provide pizza and refreshments for Playtesters to snack on while they play. If you are interested in attending send an email to lindsey@wyrd-games.net. The email should include your full name, where you live, and a sentence or two about what kind of games you like. You will also be required to sign a NDA upon arrival. 

Playtests are one of the most rewarding parts of the design process, and a great learning opportunity for those wanting to get into game design. I hope I will see you there. 

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Just wanted to shout out a big Thank You to all of the great players who came to our Playtesting Night! It was incredible to see such a show of support and enthusiasm from our Playtesters. The feedback we received has helped us improve the game. We wouldn't be able to make any these great games without all of you, so once again, Thank You. If you are interested in Playtesting in the future, keep your eyes peeled for more upcoming opportunities. 

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