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50ss Gaining Grounds @ Games of Berkeley(CA Bay area) 8/20

Sancho of Rime

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What: 50ss 70ss Pool Fixed Master Tournament! 

Where: Games of Berkeley, Berkeley CA

When: Saturday 8/20/2016 @ 1pm

Fee: $5 

Facebook: Facebook Event. Please RSVP if going.


Howdy ho Malifolks!


I'm here to formally invite you all to a tournament at Games of Berkeley! We will be hosting a Gaining Grounds event at our store at 1pm at the store on August 20!  For the particulars, it will down below. We hope to see you then, or if not then maybe at one of our events in the future; One a month Tournaments, Bi-Monthly Leagues! For any all attendees, I will be asking for some input for Painting Tournaments for the next month's tournament. This is our first large tournament, and I will of course be on the look out for any feedback that anyone may have for this. Thank you , hope to see you at the store in a couple weeks. 


Tournament Rules: 

Entry Fee is 5 Dollars

Games are 50ss

You can bring a pool of up to 70ss of models from which you select your 50ss from.

Upgrades are not a part of the pool 

Single Master (I know ya'll are aching to bring out the RoF masters. ) 


Set Up:

Gaining Grounds Schemes 

Schemes will be revealed at the Tournament 

Round 1 -

Guard The Stash.

Corner Deployment

Round 2 - 

Turf War

 Standard Deployment

Round 3 - 


Flank Deployment 



Store Credit for 1st and 2nd

Standard Payout from the Kits

Name on Certificate on the Malifaux Wall of Winners



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