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  1. Recently Discovered the Awesomeness that is Jack Daw. First game with him since I got his box. 

  2. The bar is nice as is the painting. However I feel that the bar actually detracts from the model. Too..,normal.
  3. Just amazing. This one has my vote. Wow... It's very painterly, outstanding
  4. Sancho of Rime

    C. Hoffman

    Simple colors but outstanding craftsmanship. Incredibly solid.
  5. Sancho of Rime

    Santa Claws

    Love it. The Santa claws and the puff ball are thematically fantastic. However, I feel like the yellow and black stripped cables detracts. The color of the cable don't mesh well.
  6. Love it. Great choices of color. Super sentai izamu is original
  7. Sancho of Rime


    The lighting does a disservice but the attention to detail , like making the seat a felt like material was nice. Humanizes her.
  8. Sancho of Rime


    The attention to detail is beautifully done. That Orange stripe and the goggles.
  9. This sort of scheme is what makes me love mini war gaming. Storm almost looks like a krampus
  10. Should of put a horn on it. Could of brought all the bronies to the hobby.
  11. Sancho of Rime


    Not a huge fan of old Leveticus model but I am very impressed by the clockface
  12. Sancho of Rime

    Bayou Gremlin

    Great work. The work on the gun mixed with the base really makes the mini feel homey.
  13. Great job, but I feel some dirt on the shovel and a little more color would push it to amazing
  14. Sancho of Rime

    Snow Storm

    Everyone can talk about the skin and base. Alas we can't forget the fur on. Great job.
  15. True, the amazing detail on the rest does make the lack on the foot stand out.
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