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Schemes & Stones Wave 4 Previews (Reva)


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So I am thinking of starting Malifaux with Reva.  I have a couple of WarMachines lists ( good elves, bad elves and Kahdor) and I have a Warhammer list (Skittarii and Mechanicus).  Most of my table top experience is with my son and his friends all in their late twenties and my youngest son who is 16.  I don't have the kind of time that they all have to learn all the ins and outs of everything.  My youngest boy being sixteen will devour this info in record time.  Durring the holidays finding info has been a challenge.  I guess I have two questions....one...Is Reva a staight forward master to play? And two...what should her list look like if I want to play her competitively with the boys.  Apparently we will be traveling out to a few tournaments and they want me to come along.

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Personal opinions,

Yes she is straight forward. She kills things... That's pretty much what she does.

Malifaux isn't a game that generally rewards a static list as in "This is my Reva list I take to tournaments" unless you also have a grouping of masters that are there as well with static lists that you pull out when the situation warrants. It can also work if you play and play and play and play and hone your list to a razor edge, but only a few masters in the game are good enough at everything to play a static list. If you are just going to have fun and winning isn't necessarily the goal, play whatever models you like the look of, because it really doesn't matter. If you are going to attempt to win, well that's a different set of goals. You'd need a wide range of models for that.

General recommendations: 

Reva Box, Everything in it is pretty good.

Carrion Emissary, As close to an auto include for Reva as it gets, and while he is very useful for all Resser masters, none of the rest would I consider him and Auto include.

Mindless Zombie Box, If you plan to use the Carrion Emissary or the Maniacal Laugh Upgrade, you need these, period.

Yin, good for holding territory. Additionally her WP debuff can spell death for anything Reva wants to follow up on.

Nurses, Good control models with again a debut that Reva with the correct upgrades can just ignore the downsides of.

Rotten Belles, Good control models, fairly resilient.

Necropunks, Best dedicated scheme runners in the resser faction.

Canine Remains, okish cheap scheme runners that can drag down a model's Df in a cluster, and can with the right cards dig up corpse markers for Reva to attack through. Field as a pack of don't field at all in my personal opinion.

Anna Lovelace, decent Henchman with a solid ranged attack that can shot into engagements, and helps lock down enemy movement shenanigans.

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