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Comin back to Guild


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Well I have decided to drop back into Malifaux after umming and ahing about whether I should or not. The wife talked me round as she loves the game.

My decision was then what and who to get and after making several baskets I finally decided to restart with guild and Sonnia. My first lot of purchases were Sonnia's starter box, ryle, witchling handlers, lone marshall and box of death marshalls. I also found two old metal guild hounds to stick in.

Having had a look on pull my finger I'm kinda stuck on deciding what to add so here I am wondering what to I get next? (for now purely sticking with Sonnia, so no other masters yet. Do have my eye on McCabe though) but for now which single sets are a good go too?

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Hooray for the wife!

I'd say the best additions for you are actually found in crew boxes, so I would recommend getting one of them even if you won't be playing the new master immediately. The best choices would be either Perdita box, which would give you Francisco and Papa Loco, or Hoffman box, which would give you a Guardian, Hunters, and a Watcher.

If you are adamant about getting single boxes, there's some useful stuff there as well. Most notable ones in a descending order of usefulness would be Aurstringers, Brutal Effigy, Brutal Emissary, Pathfinder, and Sanctioned Spellcasters.

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Honorable mention goes to the Starter Set - the four Guild models in there are all really solid, and Witch Hunters to boot. Myyra's list is pretty spot on, but Abuela Ortega and the Brutal Emissary should also be on your radar as they make Sam Hopkins really useful.

I would actually recommend staying away from the Ortega box, at least early on, as a lot of Guild players immediately come to depend on the buffs from Francisco and Papa Loco. Your game will be better if you learn how to play without those (very powerful) tools, and only add them in when it's really appropriate.

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