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Treacherous Ties @ Games of Berkeley (7/30/16)

Sancho of Rime

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What: Treacherous Ties tournament!

Where: Games of Berkeley, Berkeley CA

When: Saturday 7/30/2016 at 5

Fee: $5 

Facebook: Event!


Howdy ho Malifolks!


I'm here to formally invite you all(on short notice I know) to a tournament at Games of Berkeley! We will be hosting a treacherous ties event at our store at 5 this upcoming Saturday at the store!  For those that don't know what it involves, it will down below. We hope to see you then, or if not then maybe at one of our events in the future, including our new monthly tournaments. 


Treacherous Ties is a tournament version of Malifaux which encourages players to change up their playstyles and make some interesting new lists. It is perfect for a group which has a wide selection of models and is looking for something new. The key difference between Treacherous Ties and regular Malifaux is that the Crew’s Leader may not be from the same Faction as the rest of the Crew. Due to the cross Faction nature of this format, it may not be ideal for new players, but that could be overcome if veteran players are willing to loan them models and help them along.

Treacherous Ties is different from regular Malifaux in the following ways:

•    All Crews must be led by a Henchman, not a Master.

•    The game size is 25 Soulstones.

•    The only Henchman allowed in the Crew is the Leader.

•    The Crew must select two Factions: one Faction from which the Leader will be selected, and another from which the rest of the Crew will be selected. The Leader may not share a Faction with the Crew and none of the Crew may share a Faction with the Leader (for example: if the Leader was dual Faction Ten Thunders and Resurrectionists, the Faction from which the Crew is selected must not be Resurrectionists or Ten Thunders, and no member of the Crew may have Ten Thunders or Resurrectionists as a Faction). Upgrades are purchased from the Crew’s Faction and may be attached to the Leader as if they were a part of that Faction (for example: if the Crew’s Leader is an Arcanist and the Crew is Guild, only Guild Upgrades will be available, and the Leader will be able to attach them as if they belonged to the Guild).

•    The size of a Crew’s Soulstone Pool is limited by the Cache of the Henchman leading it; any Soulstones above this amount are discarded.

•    Each Crew may only select one Scheme from the Scheme Pool.

•    Schemes may not be revealed at the start of the game.

•    The same Crew must be used in each round of the event.

Set Up

All rounds use the following set up:

•    Deployment: Close.

•    Strategy: Treacherous Headhunter. This Strategy uses the Headhunter rules (see Gaining Grounds) with the exception that VP may be scored on the first Turn.

•    Scheme Pool:

o Plant Explosives (Core Rulebook pg. 70)

o Treacherous A Line In the Sand: This Scheme uses the A Line In The Sand rules (Core Rulebook pg. 68) with the modifications that it may not be revealed at the start of the game, and the Crew scores 1 VP for each Scheme Marker on the Centerline of the board at the end of the game (up to a max of 3 VP). Note: Remember that Schemes may not be revealed at the start of the game and each Crew may only select one Scheme.

Tournament Rules

Use Gaining Grounds to determine pairings and score the event to determine the winner. Only the round times are different from the Gaining Grounds tournament standard:

•    All round times are 45 minutes.


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