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Malifaux Tournament Report from Australia!


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Lovely write up, and well done on your good placement.  I was going to comment on some of the minor rules things, but folks have already covered them all on the other forum.

Doing it again, would you have used pre-set lists?  I guess it has the advantage that you are familiar with the crew and have considered your options for scoring, but on the other hand it means that you are not accounting for terrain or the other crew.

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Thanks for the feedback Badger!

Doing it again I would still use pre-made lists, if only because I enjoy making them and they make me really think hard about the scheme pool. However, in future I will be more willing to make modifications and spend some time thinking more carefully about what I should change before each game while my opponent is deciding on their crew. I also need to be willing to completely throw my choices out the window when I'm sharp enough to realise that an unusual combination of factors has presented itself - like the game against Tiny. Most of these things are easier to realise in hindsight though!

Lastly, Gremlins are emerging as comfortably the most dominant faction in our Melbourne meta right now. Contrary to what people may think, I think this largely comes down to the fact that some of our best players main Gremlins. As such, I really need to get thinking about some contingency models that can slip into my crew specifically to deal with Gremlins. They're one of my most played factions and they're the only one I haven't beaten yet!

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