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Found 8 results

  1. Hello everyone! My name is Caiti. To date I have played 6 games of malifaux. My local games store is absolutely desperate to get more girl gamers involved as well as drum up local interest for malifaux. SO they asked me to become a Wyrd Hench(wo)man. 10/10 100% absolutely super keen. But I have only just started out and the rules are still a little foggy to me. There aren't many (any?) players where I am so simply playing the game won't be enough. Can any henchmen help a girl out? How many crews did you have when you started demos etc? How did you get good enough knowledge?
  2. Wassup Mali-friends, Check out my epic tournament report from the recent Twatifaux event here: http://www.wargamerau.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=184300 It was the largest Australian Malifaux Tournament yet. Happy days!
  3. Held at The Games Cube, Parramatta, NSW The Games Cube Level 2, 79-81 Phillip St Parramatta, 2150 +61 2 8677 1966 Sunday 10.4.16, $20 entry fee, Register in store or one the day. Online registration coming soon! Three rounds of 50s games based on the Gaining Grounds 2016 rules. Please make sure that you read this document before attending to get information on proxies, counters, painting requirement, and other useful information. It can be found at: http://www.wyrd-games.net/news/2016/1/22/gaining-grounds-2016 Schedule: 10.30am-11.00am – Registration 11.00am-12.45pm – Game One 12.45pm-1.30pm – Lunch 1.30pm-3.15pm – Game Two 3.30pm-5.15pm – Game Three 5.15pm – Results announced *If everyone is ready early, rounds may start early. Bit only if everyone is ready at the same time. 1hr 45mins will be allowed for each round Players will elect at the start of the day which Faction they are playing. They must play all games with this faction, however are free to change Masters between rounds. Players are responsible for supplying: Crew models Rulebooks and official Wyrd stat cards Fate Decks Measuring Tape Methods of tracking damage, conditions, and VP. Counters/Markers/Tokens (Counters must be 30mm round as per Gaining Grounds) Strategies and schemes, and deployment Strategies and deployment for each game are listed below, however the Schemes for each round will not be announced until the day. Again, please make sure you read the Gaining Grounds document before attending, as it lists the details for these Strategies, as well as the Schemes which may be available on the day. Round 1 - Reconnoiter, Flank Deployment Round 2 - Extraction, Standard Deployment Round 3 - Collect The Bounty, Close Deployment
  4. Wassup Mali-friends? Check out my epic tournament report from the recent Twatifaux event here: http://www.wargamerau.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=184300 It was the largest Australian Malifaux Tournament yet. Happy days!
  5. Hi guys, looking to trade/sell a few items: 1E Ortega family (inc Abuela + totem) & guild guard. NiB 2E plastic Transparent green Kirai stuff - Kirai, Lost Love, 4 x Onryo, Ikryo untouched on sprue (no seshin) Would be keen to swap for unpainted/NiB: 2E Von Schill box Any 2E 10T stuff (other than Lynch/Yan Lo/Oiran) Any 2E gremlin stuff Based in Australia.
  6. Hi All, How is everyone today? I come to you asking some advice as to what I should purchase next. Just a little background, I tend to purchase alot of things but never get around to doing things with them but I have finally kicked my ass into gear and will actually be starting a painting log with a goal to finish a model or 2 a week at minimum. I own a Pandora box + teddy and am currently waiting on my 2 player starter set. I also picked up Johan and the Malifaux child as I hear they are pretty handy in alot of lists. I have currently only played 1 game of Malifaux so far but intend on changing it. Here's the thing, the other day I stumbled on a store which still had a Vik's box which in Australia has not been in stock for many many months so I snapped it up for the sake of having it and now I am here. I had always planned on doing Guild or Arcanists or even Neverborn but after buying the Viks I looked into the Outcasts and I think I have found my first faction with the possibility of crossing into others. I just have a few questions as per below. 1. I have the Hired swords box + Johan and a Malifaux child, what else should I pick up to help round out my list building? I used pull my finger and Vanessa seems to fit alright but I am unsure 2. I want to pick up a 2nd master box so I will have some variety with outcasts but I am unsure of what will combine well with what is in the Hired swords? I want to stick to plastics so my choices are pretty much Von Schill, Tara, Levy - I am kind of weary of Levy as his mechanics seem pretty crazy for a new player. 3. I want to stick to plastics so I won't be getting very many if any metal models as I don't want to have to purchase the arsenal cards for no reason. If you have made it this far thank you for reading.
  7. G'Day mate! How's it goin'? *cough cough* For real though, I live in Australia. My name is Gabrielle, Zee, Zei, Zeiju, Z and other various handles on the inter-webs. I love the minis and love the game! I played for the first time last night and it was awesome, luckily a local was kind enough to run a demo at our local game store for me and my husband! I have the Viktoria battle box, and can't wait to paint them up and field the minis! I live in Canberra, ACT and from what I can tell the Malifaux community here is quite small and not very well organised. My local game store has Malifaux Mondays, however last night there was only 5 of us there (that's including me and my husband), if you live in Canberra and want to play Malifaux send me a message, or post on this thread and I will give you the info on the store I go to. I war-game for fun and enjoy both the playing and painting aspects of the game, I suffer from Poke'mon syndrome "gotta catch 'em all!" I am also a commission painter, hoping to enter painting comps in 2016. So when you see my painting posts please feel free to comment, and let me know how I can improve 'till then, hoo roo! Z
  8. Hey guys, Bit late notice, but we're having a tournament this Sunday May 18, at the 13th Dimension, 451 Swift St Albury. I apologise for leaving the notification so late, but I wanted to be sure we had a good representation from our local group before I committed to anything much. INTRO level tournament, many players only have a couple games under their belt. 40SS, Fixed Master, Three Rounds Gaining Grounds. Store opens Sunday morning at 10am, cards start flipping at 10.30, otherwise we'll never get through three rounds. Very limited numbers (if we try I reckon we could accommodate 6 tables, but we'd be really pushing it.) Message me if interested, as only a couple seats free. (But I'm the gumby so I'm happy to fall on my sword).
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