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4 week Slow Grow League in New Bedford MA 1/20/16


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The Armoury in is New Bedford is hosting a 4 week slow-grow league to help some of our new players get better acquainted with the game (veterans equally welcome!). 

Where: Games to be played at The Armoury

When: Starting Wednesday, January 20th, until February 17th. New week begins each Wednesday. 

$$$?: entry fee is $10

Loot: Prizes based on participation! There will be store credit, weekly bingo prizes, and if I'm able to acquire one, prizes from the official tournament kits. Sportsmanship and best painted crew box will also win stuff!

Structure: Week 1 is to be played with 20ss games, Henchman lead. Week 2 is 30ss, you may use a master. Week 3 is 40ss, week 4 is 50ss. You may play anything in your declared faction.

Up to three games may be played per week. You get 2 points for winning a game, 1 point for tying, and 0 points for a loss. Points will be used to determine the overall winner.

Bingo prizes: Each wedsday anyone playing games at the store will receive a bingo card. Bingo prizes may include paints, tokens, various malifaux products, etc.

The Armoury is located at 58 Conduit Street in New Bedford,MA 02745.


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