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can only used painted models, is this enough?


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For this league I plan to only use painted models every game so that I can give bonus points and am curious how screwed I currently am,

Ophelia;s crew box is painted, merris, one lighnting bug(could theoretically get another tonight maybe), Mah tucket, little lass, trixiebelle, and wong. sadly assistant is not done so wong is probably out

doh it is 30ss I shouuuuld be fine but any tips for such a small game would be great


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The game is balanced for 50SS (though small games can be fun). In smaller games two Master types tend to dominate: Summoning Masters and killer Masters. And it doesn't get much more killer than Ophelia. Especially with Trixie nearly guaranteeing Initiative when needed, she is absolutely bonkers. So yeah, I'd say that you're fine.

Merris is superb at Schemes and Lightning Bug is general utility. Finally, Francois is death incarnate.

Building a crew around those mentioned should mean that you have a leg up on most of the opponents.

Good luck!

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