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Welcome to Mlaifaux 40ss Fixed master @WGC:hockley Jan 24th


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Welcome to Malifaux is a 40ss fixed master event, designed to give new players an easy way into the events scene, as well as provide a different challenge and excuse to get together for games for existing players.  It has a 60ss pool [excluding upgrades] from which players hire their crews at the start of each round.  

This is a 3 round event, with players given 2.5 hours per round to complete their games.

Players will initially be paired by experience level, so new players will be paired against other new players to start with.

Tickets for the event cost £10, however players receive free entry when buying a new crew box in store over December or January.  If you want to get your ticket on the day, an benefit from the free ticket by getting a crew box you can always email dmarkham@waylandgames.co.uk and I can see about reserving the crew box for you [no guarantees though, I should be able to give you more detail when you email].

This should nicely feed into the Malifaux year, with events like Love Lost, the Showdown series and more to be confirmed at the Gaming Centre throughout the year.

Round 1 starts at 10:30


17 Eldon way, Hockley, Essex, SS5 4AD

For more details check out the Centre's Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/waylandgamescentre/ 

Tickets: http://www.waylandgames.co.uk/module/eventsmanager/Events?event_id=440#.Vl9QN3bhCUk

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Hope everyone has a great festive period, and gets lots of wyrd goodies under their tree this christmas.  

We've got a good number of new players signed up so far, hopefully I will see some of you at the event, although I have a new baby due very soon, so depending on when she decides to make an appearance could affect if I might have to wait till love lost to catch up with some of you.

See you in the new year


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in order to summon 2 piglets you'd have to have piglet in the pool twice, Similarly if Ramos wanted to summon 3 spiders he'd need 3 spiders in his pool.

Basically it does give summoner over 20ss to play with [for example dreamer being a summoner means you've spent a max of 35ss on models from your pool, as his upgrade isn't declared in the pool which means he actually can get 25ss more than his crews starting size].  Once a model dies, it can be re-summoned, however if you wanted to summon multiples of the same model, then you would need multiples in the pool to start with.

The aim of this is to give new players a taste of playing with a pool of figures, that they can mix between in different matches, whilst not having such a large pool that it is intimidating for a new player.

I know a number of experienced players are planning to attend and all seem to be keeping with the "use a new crew" mentality, from those I've spoken with

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