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New to gremlins


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Hi guys. I'm I'm the UK and have just started collecting Malifaux and in particular gremlins. So far have picked up som'ers, wong's and ophelias crews as well as a hog whisperer, piglets, pigapult, war pig, lucky effigy and some extra lightning bugs. Also just ordered lots of things in the black Friday sale (who doesn't like war rabbits, nightmare golems, sammy and gators!). 

Now it's time for me to start gaming and was wondering what you guys thought would be a good place to start with what I have to start with? 

Any help and suggestions are appreciated including must buys for when I ever have money again lol. Slop haulers are definately on the list. 


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Sounds like you've actually got a really good start there. You should get a ton of variety of the stuff you already have before you even receive the Black Friday goodies.

Personally, I think a mix of Somer and Opehlia's boxes to be the best. Get to grips with those, then start mixing some pigs and Lightning Bugs in.

Slop Haulers are must-buys for summoning (there's limited values in 2 wound Gremlins running about) but otherwise you've got a lot there already. Merris and Gracie should probably be next, I would say.

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It sounds like you have bases covered but let me second how good Merris or Trixi is for scheme running. Either of these models fill a scheme running lack gremlins kind of have. I say kind of because gremlins can make do with bayous for sure.

Glad you sort of corrected yourself at the end of that post. Bayou Gremlin's are great at scheme running and when their maneuverability is further aided by piglets are even better. Merris and Trixie are better for the other items they offer the crew.

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