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Slay Belles - Festive Story Encounter, Northampton, 27 Dec 15


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Greetings all, 

One thing I've missed from my days playing Warhammer Fantasy was the traditional batspit crazy festive event run between Christmas and New Year. So I figured I might as well have a go!

Slay Belles is a 3-game story encounter with a festive theme. The games will be nothing like your standard tournament games! 

The aim of the event is to give you an excuse to throw your Christmas presents onto the gaming table, so it will be open faction with no painting requirements. Bring what you want and throw it on the table, as long as it's built! This is on the proviso that nobody tries to 'break' the scenarios - if I think you're doing that, you'll wind up with a Lucius crew to play with instead...

The event will be held at Warzone Workshop in Northampton on Sunday December 27th, starting at 1030 and finishing at 1630. Tickets will be £12.50 including tea, coffee and doughnuts, and the link will be up by the end of the day. We have space for up to 24 players. 

Hope to see you there! 

Rules pack can be found here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/i3ephcoj0bpn60g/Slay Belles.pdf?dl=0

Tickets can be bought from here: http://warzoneworkshop.co.uk/Events/Slay-Belles -A-Festive-Malifaux-Story-Encounter


What's your position on proxies? 

No Malifaux model can be used as another Malifaux model without conversion work having been done - no putting a Canine Remains on the table and claiming it's a Guild Hound, for example. Using appropriate models from other ranges - for example a Wild West Exodus Native American as Big Jake - is fine as long as it's clear what the model is representing. If in doubt send me a picture and I'll let you know yes or no.

Will the event be ranked? 

No - it's a story encounter, and the rankings will probably be closed between seasons.

Is there a painting competition? 

Yes, there will be a painting competition. You can enter a full crew of roughly 50SS - I won't be counting, but there is unlikely to be space to dump an entire faction on the table if that's what you were wanting to do! 

There is also a prize for the best Sinister Effigy - you'll need to see the rules pack for what he is.


1. Graeme Nicholls
2. Joel Henry
3. Thomas Henry
4. Matt Ledgerwood
5. David Loyd-Hearn
6. Huw Jenkins
7. Karl McConnell
8. Craig Woods
9. Dan Humpage


Mr Eless

Spare Player


PS I'm aware Slay Belles is also the name of a Christmas album from a drag queen. However I was so chuffed with myself for thinking of it, I'm using it anyway! :P

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The list of entrants has now been updated. If everyone who wants to come pays up and rocks up, we have 11 players and I get to play making it 12! IT's gonna be awesome, and still plenty of time for more to join in the fun!

Prizes are slightly different because this is a story encounter. The person who does best on the objectives will win Employee of the Year, the person who does worst will get the Golden P45, there's a prize for best Sinister Effigy, and Best Painted Crew. Additionally there will be a crew box up for grabs each round.

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Just to say a big thank you to everyone who came - we ended up with 9 paid players and me making up the numbers as a ringer. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and the copious prizes were handed out to pretty much everyone who attended.

Matt Ledgerwood took home the Employee of the Year trophy for scoring the most strategy points during the day. This was despite him 'doing a Conrad' and paying for his crew leader in the first round...

David Loyd-Hearn 'earned' the Golden P45 for the fewest strategy points. This was the most hotly contested award of the day. Apparently being rubbish is the new doing well!

Huw Jenkins won best painted for his Resurrectionists, only just edging out Claire and Matt.

Claire Hearn took Most Sinister Effigy, using a well-painted Lord Vetinari miniature to gleefully fire people in the final round!

That man again Matt Ledgerwood took the spot prize in round 1, the Hired Guns crew box, for winning the strategy point bingo.

Graeme Nicholls got the Master of Puppets box on offer in round 2 for making the most dollies. Having made 11 during the game he was handed a box of 9 more...

Richard Johnson was the first player fired during round 3 (a particularly loud sacking too!), and won Burning Revelations and mild tinnitus. His prize for getting Kaeris fired was a Kaeris box - you can't make this stuff up.

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Just want to say again how awesome this day was - 3 awesome and fun games, really friendly atmosphere.

I hope that we get a chance for more story encounters in the future. 

Thanks Ben for running it. 

If you could talk Warzone into investing in some more Malifaux terrain that would be awesome. 

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