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The presentation of your battle reports is great! I really enjoy them, but there were a couple of quite glaring errors in this one. Lure makes models move upto their walk and won't provoke a disengaging strike. Cover gives the attacker a negative flip not a positive flip to the defender. Wouldn't want any new players getting these wrong.


And finally there ain't no t in scrip ;-).

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You make great battle reports, but as bertmac already mentioned you made some mistakes. Maybe I'm wrong but I think the Dead Rider died too fast. The Strongarm Suit never triggered a crow so in the Second Turn each damage should be reduced by 1 I think. And against the Freicorpsemann the Rider triggered even 2 Crows, so damage is reduced by 2. So with his 10 Wounds he suffered 4+4+1 damage. I hope I didn't miss anything.

But anyway it was a cool battle and a great report.

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