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Schemes & Stones Battle Report Somer vs Lilith


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Not a bad idea.  To be honest, I think you doing a summery of the game was way more interesting than listening to these guys play a game.

The way you did it was more in line with a podcast.  Even watching the best of batreps can be a snorefest.  Not bad


P.S.  Bring Mike Brandt back for a Somer episode!  It's time for another Gremlin master focus.  Spread the love


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Hoping you can get the audio fixed. One aspect of the hobby I've always liked is the post-mortem where we sit around and discuss what went right/wrong/good/bad/ugly, and the summary was good but needed a bit more of the conversational tone.  Looking forward to more either way; the format is pretty good.

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We tried recording after the fauxmaha tournament and between being pretty well worn out and the horrible acoustics in the hotel room the audio just didn't turn out to a broadcast quality. Glad Kyle didn't release that bit,  bad audio is my number 1 pet peeve with podcasts

This.  I can't tell you how many podcasts I've skipped because of this.  Especially when one of the guests sounds like he's on a speaker phone......in a tin can.


Thank god this podcast exists, because otherwise I'd have no Malifaux podcast to listen to.  Well done Khyodee! 

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