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Skulduggery Pleasant themed Tara crew

Clockwork Top Hat

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So I've loved the look of Tara for a while and I had an idea to theme some/all of the crew on the Skulduggery Pleasant books. My ideas so far are:

Tara as Valkyrie Cain

Karina as China Sorrows

A death marshal as Skulduggery Pleasant

A ronin as Tainith Low or maybe a converted Taelor so she has a sword instead of a hammer

A killjoy would fit rules wise for Billy Ray but would depend how the opponent feels about the proxy as they visually look nothing alike.


Any other malifaux players fans of the books who can offer ideas?

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Billy Ray would also kinda fit the Scion, or maybe the Forgotten Marshall if you want to go ressers.

Maybe try the Grotesquery (was that its name? Its been a while since i read the books.) As killjoy, or maybe the Nothing beast. Or if you could figure out the model, a faceless one as the Nothing beast.

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