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Hungering Derpness Grabs a Brush....

Hungering Derpness

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...paint happens.

A little background - although I've messed around with miniatures in the very distant past as a teen (15 years ago o.o) , I've never really done much in the way of artistic stuff.  So when a couple of friends persuaded me to try out Malifaux (and a big hello to Astrella and Dogmantra if they're reading) I felt it would be a good opportunity to try and explore my creative side a little more. The first crew box I got was Jacob Lynch - I took one look at the Illuminated and thought "Yeah, definitely not starting out with those". There was one model in the box that looked manageable and here he is in all his pink gloriousness:


I apologise for the crappy photo quality. Huggy wasn't too complicated to paint but after a couple of attempts to paint the teeth further in the mouth, I decided to keep it simple and go over it all in the dark purple. Although it hasn't come out too well, both of Huggy's eyes are luminous yellow. I don't know whether it was the type of paint I used (Game Color Fluo Yellow) but I had to go over and over the eyes several times into to get the colour to hold. The other issue I had was washing. Back when I was a nipper, they used to be called inks and I understood that the general gist of them was to seep into narrow gaps on the model to pick out edges, etc. I very nearly made a complete mess of Huggy by using a dark violet ink (wash/whathaveyou). Fortunately I could see that the ink wash was staining in the wrong places and essentially gave Huggy several washes with water to clear up the mess. I also learned a little something about primer and the importance of making sure a coat of it is sufficiently thick. The texture on Huggy's tendrils has become rough since I painted them and I think the problem was that the spray primer I used didn't create an even enough and thick enough layer for my base paint to adhere to.


He's a little messy and not very detailed but as my first assembled and painted model, he has a derpy place in my heart. :3


I've painted a few more models since then - will upload them when I get a chance along with some commentary.

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Hello again folks,

Today, I'd like to share with you a photo of a warm, loving family:


Lilith was perhaps the first model that I felt turned out fairly well. Mostly this is because I stayed very, very far away from any kind of wash but also because I had managed to pick up on a few details. Lilith's cross was picked out in silver, I'd managed to get the black central band of her outfit with good clean edges and although it isn't shown in this photo, the hand on the back of the sword also looks like a hand as opposed to a blob of flesh colour paint.

The terror tots were something of a mixed bag. I'm very happy that the skin on the tots is smooth without the visible brush strokes that seem to have plagued some of my later models. The leftmost tot was interesting. I'd tried to pick out the eyes in black and unfortunately the eyes turned out too large. Then I had a brain wave and expanded the eye area and redid the centre in red. The net effect gave the tot this sort of black mask, like an evil demonic purple skinned racoon without a tail. >.>

I've also completed the Cherub and Barbaros - will post them up in the next entry. In the meantime, have a small, derpy Lilith avatar:


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