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Wyrd's First National Championship's Results of the NOVA Open 2015


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Alright kiddies, you've been asking for it now here it is, the result of The NOVA 2015 National Championships.

National Championships

Rank,Player Name,Faction,TPs,Diff,VPs,
1,Duncan Bilz,Guild,13,25,47,
2,Dean Bilz,Outcasts,13,19,46,
3,Travis Rule,Resurrectionists,12,17,40,
4,Bret Rice,Resurrectionists,12,14,37,
5,Rhett Austin,Arcanists,12,10,39,
6,Kevin Bogucki,Arcanists,12,-2,28,
7,Wiktor Szafranski,Guild,10,8,40,
8,Mark Henderson,Gremlins,10,6,39,
9,Joseph Deheve,Outcasts,10,5,38,
10,Bruce Brown,Guild,10,4,33,
11,Nathan Miller,Outcasts,9,14,38,
12,Chris Knieriem,Resurrectionists,9,7,36,
13,Brendan Gallagher,Arcanists,9,7,34,
14,Mike Felix,Neverborn,9,6,32,
15,Will Farthing,Guild,9,5,36,
16,Andrew Weakland,Neverborn,9,1,34,
17,Ben Cash,Neverborn,9,0,37,
18,Larry Staffeldt,Outcasts,9,0,29,
19,Dave Caruana,Arcanists,7,9,32,
20,NIck Thomas,Guild,7,2,33,
21,John Chambers,Outcasts,7,-4,35,
22,Jason Comcowich,TenThunders,6,4,28,
23,Sebastian Padrino,Gremlins,6,2,36,
24,Steve Welsh,Neverborn,6,0,35,
25,Steven Rater,Arcanists,6,0,32,
26,Jeremy Chamblee,Guild,6,-1,36,
27,Mary Merhi,Neverborn,6,-2,30,
28,Paul Regina,Resurrectionists,6,-5,30,
29,Rob Drew,Resurrectionists,6,-7,25,
30,Leonard Bisson,Gremlins,6,-15,24,
31,William Schmidt,Arcanists,4,-6,36,
32,Matthew Trent,Outcasts,3,-7,30,
33,Andrew Mongeau,Resurrectionists,3,-10,27,
34,Ed Carr,Neverborn,3,-11,23,
35, Sean Gleason,Neverborn,3,-15,21,
36,Danielle Schmidt,Arcanists,3,-20,19,
37,Jacob Fitzpatrick,Outcasts,3,-20,17,

Dropouts and forfeits have been omitted.


Henchmen Hardcore
Rank,Player Name,Faction,TPs,Diff,VPs,
1) Mike Felix,Neverborn,10,13,22,
2) Jeremy Chamblee,Guild,10,6,25,
3) Andrew Mongeau,Resurrectionists,8,9,26,
4) Travis Rule,Resurrectionists,7,6,19,
5) Mark Henderson,Gremlins,7,2,18,
6) Steve Welsh,Neverborn,7,1,16,
7) Will Farthing,Guild,6,-1,15,
8) Dave Caruana,Arcanists,5,0,14,
9) Mary Merhi,Neverborn,4,1,14,
10) Steven Rater,Arcanists,4,-2,15,
11) Sebastian Padrino,Gremlins,4,-7,12,
12) Jacob Fitzpatrick,Outcasts,3,-3,15,
13) John Hathcock,Outcasts,1,-9,15,
14) Chris Knieriem,Resurrectionists,1,-16,11,


Story Encounters

Law & Order : 24

Scum & Villiany: 20

Most Infamous: Chris Knierien (17 Infamy)

Most Famous: Chris Harkins (15 Fame)



1) Sebastian Padrino (Gremlins)

2) Mike Felix (Neverborn)

3) Kevin Bogucki (Arcanists)


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