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Seeking advice on campaign arsenal expansion


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Hey all,

Well, we're in Week 1 of Nythera and I'm looking forward to expanding my crew.  My arsenal currently consists of:


Barbaros (leader) + Nephilim Gladiatus

Illuminated (injured: -2 Wp)



Terror Tot

(Campaign Equipment) Grisly Trophy (1SS upgrade to give model Terrifying (All) 12)


My primary opponent is running Arcanists: Joss, 2x Rail Workers, Arcane Effigy, Arcane Emissary, Imbued Energies and a couple disposable campaign upgrades


I'm getting torn apart.  I figured I'd poll the hivemind for suggestions on what to add to my Arsenal going forward.  I'm torn between trying to add a big beater like Teddy or Hooded Rider or Mature Neph or going for a run-and-hide sort of list and adding another scheme runner or two.  Angel Eyes is also on my radar to soften up those bloody armored + HtK models before the hit me.  Any crew expansion suggestions?

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Widow Weaver is a solid add IMO. You can start throwing Web Markers out and attack their Wp with her. Add any other Wp reducing model or Wp attacking model and those Web Markers get even better.


No doubt WW is good, but she may be a little vulnerable to what he is going against considering her Df. A Doppleganger is cheaper (will be 4 scrip if first purchase of week). Also doppleganger can do a lot of schemes (while engaged) as well as attack Df or Wp by borrowing the attack from (just about) anyone.

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