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Zoraida's favorite gremlins?


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Zoraida definitely gets more mileage out of Rooster Riders and Pigs due to the (1) charge. 


The models I see as being interesting picks are:

- McTavish: If you mean Gremlin faction rather than strictly Gremlins themselves. Waldegeists and Silurids will benefit from his Swamp Is Our Home.

- Lenny: Walk 4 noticeably slows him down. Zoraida can Obey him to compensate for that or to Toss more models. Note he can Toss the Voodoo Doll meaning you can cause a potential 4 damage from the Df duels if you knock it into the hemmed enemy.

- Moon Shinobi: Enthrall a Nurse and use Take Your Meds with the Tome trigger (Downers). Moon Shinobis reverse their flip modifiers so they get  :+fate  on all duels and Armor +2. Gimmicky to be sure.

- Rami: Rami can get two Focused shots off if Zoraida Obeys him once and he uses Reckless.

Sammy?: I've never taken her but she can use one of Zoraida's upgrades. I suppose you could take Animal Shape that way on Zoraida and still benefit from Crystal Ball.


The issue with mixing in Swampfiends is that they don't benefit from many of the buffs handed out by the faction because generally they require the "Gremlin" keyword. So I guess that's worth keeping in mind. Slop Haulers are going to be relatively less useful, for example.

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I play Neverborn Zoraida, but take a Nurse with her there for quick heals on Zoraida if I need them, among other things. Same for Jack Daw. Activate Zoraida, do your first two AP and Zero AP actions, then if you need a heal spend your last AP to Obey the Nurse to heal/paralyze yourself (requires a crow in hand to ensure it goes off). As it's already Zoraida's activation she will full heal, gain paralyze, auto-end activation as a result, and then lose paralyze.

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Main friendly targets for obeys:
Roster riders (1pt charge -see warpig-haven't tried these yet myself)
Warpigs (1pt charge - obeys generating upto 4 attacks with the right cards.)
nurse (see vodoo doll)

Pere Ravage/Puppa Loco (suicide bombers  - yet to try this)
whisky golem (if your out activating your opponent obey for an additional walk making him frighteningly fast as he will nimble in & flurry)

Main models for vodoo doll conditions:
Slop hauler (appetizing drops the df of the model so if the 6 wds and conditions aren't enough your other models can do the job)
Nurse (mainly for the paralyze but all her conditions can work - nurse vodoo doll and zoraida triangle are key to dealing with some crews)
Iggy (because burning a vodoo doll with iggy and hex bag ruins your opponents day)

lenny (hugs and squeezes can immobilize the hemmed model and tossing the hemmed doll into them to make them insignificant and cause 2-4 damage is also nice)

pigapult (another interesting way to paralyze the doll and hemmed target)
stuffed piglet (concussion could be interesting but seems situation)

piglets (for giving the hem target  slow, should you feel the need)

moon shinobi, whisky golem and fingers can all hand out poison but zoraida can that herself.

Sammy (similar to a nurses non paralyze abilities you can cripple your opponents model without paralyzing them)


Interesting additions:
Silurids, McTavish and Waldgiest speak for themselves....can't wait for gators and wild boars.
Mancha Roja seems really dangerous if your running a nurse

Old Major and Lenny both make your 1pt charges more likely to generate more attacks


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