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Malifaux Roulette


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I've been running a TtB session in Cardiff recently, and last night the story took place on a floating Casino on the river, during the course of the night a player decided he wanted to gamble a bit, and where cards and skill is involved we flipped for the gambling skill and he won/lost based on those flips, when he wanted to play roulette however I didn't want to use the skill, because roulette is after all completely random. 


In one of those moments where you become forced to make stuff up on the spot I had to describe a Malifaux roulette table and give him the odds, luckily we had a spare fate deck around which gave me an idea for a simple solution which I thought I'd share-


"The table has four long columns which go from 1 to 13, each column has it's own suit and colour, first Rams in red, then black Crows, red Masks and black Tomes., at either side there are two marked areas; 'Black' and 'Red,, and at the top there is one more area marked 'Fools', .


The wheel has 54 spaces, which correspond to the spaces on the board, with two more, a black fool and a red fool, these have their own odds- if the ball lands in the black fool, the house wins and all bets are lost, if the ball lands in the red fool, the house loses and all bets are paid out at 2/1 odds regardless of the bet made. Players can place their bets in the following way- 


  • Called Black/Red (place in side area)- odds of 2/1
  • Called Suit (Column bet)- odds of 4/1
  • Called Number (Row bet)- odds of 13/1
  • Play the Fools (Fools area)- odds of 27/1- this will still pay out fully on black and red fools
  • Deadeye call (place on a single space, same number and suit)- odds of 54/1

They call it 'playing the fool' because it shows a player doesn't have the sense to stick to a safe bet, nor the guts to go for a deadeye bet, proving they are either a fool or an amateur. Once all bets are down the wheel is spun and the ball is dropped"


once any participating player has placed their bet flip a single card from the spare fate deck, jokers are obviously fools, and everything else is as on the card, a game takes a couple of minutes of in character time as they have to wait for other NPC's to bet, get drinks etc, I didn't use splits, trio, corners etc as making this up on the fly (and working the odds in my head) meant there was more than enough going on:) hope someone finds this useful, I'm going to try and add more of our groups creations here as we progress:)


and make a roulette table terrain piece, obviously...

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Mostly good, but you need to make sure that the payout's lower than the take. House always wins, after all. :)


So, the Deadeye pays out 50-1 (But takes a tad more)

Play the Fool pats out 25-1 (But takes in a tad more)

The called number pays 10-1 (But takes in a tad more)

The called suit pays out 3-1 (But takes in a tad more)

Called black/red can stay at 2-1 ... it's a way to keep someone at the table, breaks even, and, when combined with free drinks, encourages them to 'press their luck' at the table.


The two Fools areas will then break even, which is a tad odd as those should be longshot bids. MAYBE reduce Play the Fools to 20-1. This way, the House still wins.


Yeah, adjust that one to 20-1.


SO! Final odds for Malifaux Roulette:


Deadeye pays out 50-1 

Play the Fool pats out 20-1 

Called number pays out 10-1 

Called suit pays out 3-1 

Called black/red pays out 2-1


And just like that, you have a second gambling path. after cards.


Now, we just needs rules for Craps...

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Very Nice


You know what, those odds are also much easier on the old mental arithmatic too, thanks for the advice:)


Ayup. Simple is best. The small difference is where the house makes its cut, and everybody feels like a winner.


Lord knows it's easy to play!


Character makes his bet, flip the top card of the deck, taa daaa! There's the wheel result. You can hammer out results in -seconds-.

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