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Making the best use of Zoraida


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I've been playing a lot of zoraida and collodi lately as I really like all of the control both bring to the table. Most people seem to like big Z for her ability to obey and her voodoo doll tricks. However seems to me that if you want to play the obey game collodi is a much better choice as he does damage and takes opponents ap for the same cards, or gives friendly minions and puppets plus flips to their actions, and vasilisa has her own obey.

What this means zoraida is you should be taking zoraida for card control and not action control. Her bewitch ability is probably one of the best actions in the game and what makes her stand out giving two cards for most actions an opponent can take. It's extra effective against masters and models with extra ap. And while I don't have her card in front of me right now I believe she can do this to multiple enemy models a turn.

Now that we have a bunch of cards we need to find a way to use them.

This makes me think she should really do with a more elite crew with high damage and lots of triggers,or models that need to discard for certain actions. Reckoning games being a good time when these sorts of models are needed.

My current thoughts for the next time reckoning comes up for me are to take this list.


Spawn mother

Black blood shaman

Nekima and barboros or two mature nephilem

Mr graves.

3-4 leftover stones for upgrades .

These are just my thoughts theory crafting without cards in front of me so if anyone has any thoughts for any other models that also need a strong hand to really function the best and would work better please share.

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Well, this is interesting. Never thought about it this way. Models with high Armor or Hard to Wound might be good choices, too, because Focus doesn't give her cards, and Focus is not that great a choice against such models. Normally better to pling away.

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I like this idea of using Zoraida as a Bewitch bot and storing cards. In order to bewitch multiple models though, she has to be within 12 of at least 2 models and that might leave her in a vulnerable spot with only one more action to get in and out of position. You would have to play carefully to not keep her too exposed. I like the concept, though I'd maybe Teddy because extra cards means Flurry doesn't hurt so bad. Same goes for Bad Juju.

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