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Paranoia Battle Report


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What is paranoia you ask? Its an variate I thought up since we often have three players who want to play a game and we've not liked the other three player setups as much.


Deployment: Corners

Strategy: Extraction

Schemes: Using a scheme deck take Assassinate, Deliver The Message, and Entourage then each player randomly takes one. Then do the same with Bodyguard, Murder Protege, and Frame for Murder. Players can choose any legal models as their targets (no limitations based on choosing different players or anything). The Entourage model has to make it to the opposite corner of the board for scoring purposes. All schemes are played unrevealed, but gain full points instead of partial (this keeps in fun with the uncertainty).


Optionally, you can make Murder Protege/Deliver The Message like Assassinate (3 points if turn 4 or before, 2 points afterwards) and Entourage like Bodyguard (score 1 point each round the target is alive an in opposite corner and get addition point for having over half life at the end of game).


Crews can be picked out before or after scheme selection depending on how much of a challenge you want, but it gets a lot more interesting if you select crews first (forcing you to play to all the schemes).


The Schemes and Crews:

Schemes – Assassinate (Yan Lo), Murder Protégé (Mortimer)

Perdita Ortega -- 2 Pool

 +Trick Shooting [2]

 +Vengeance Bullet [1]

Enslaved Nephilim [3]

Abuela Ortega [7]

 +Hermanos de Armas [1]

Guild Austringer [6]

Peacekeeper [11]

Watcher [4]


Schemes – Entourage (Datsue Ba), Frame for Murder (Izamu)

Yan Lo -- 6 Pool

 +Brutal Khakkhara [1]

 +Fortify The Spirit [1]

 +Reliquary [1]

Soul Porter [3]

Chiaki the Niece [6]

 +Pull of the Grave [1]

Datsue Ba [8]

 +Spirit Beacon [1]

 +Spirit Whispers [1]

Izamu the Armor [10]


Schemes – Deliver the Message (Yan Lo), Bodyguard (Toshiro)

Molly Squidpiddge -- 6 Pool

 +Forgotten Life [1]

 +Tear of the Gorgon [3]

Mortimer [9]

Necropunk [5]

Rotten Belle [5]

Toshiro the Daimyo [9]


Map Corners (p=Perdita, y=Yan Lo, m=Molly)



|                     y |

|                        |

| p                 m |




Turn 1:

The game got started quickly after Datsu Ba moved up and was then lured in by Molly's Belle. Izamu was moved up by the Soul Porter only to have Molly summon two punk zombies next to him, all three which spent their turn hacking at each other (leaving one punk zombie dead). Mortimer commanded Molly's undead forward for a massive engagement between the two crews, but he stayed behind only to get chain harpooned by the peacekeeper (who was pulled forward by Abuela and Shackled forward as well) and dragged into its grasp. Otherwise the two Resser crews moved towards each other, except Chiaki who headed towards the middle extraction marker. Perdita's crew moved forward unmolested while Abuela married her granddaughter to a giant peacekeeper.


Turn 2:

The first clue towards who had chosen what schemes began when the Necropunk leaped towards Yan Lo. This was followed by Molly moving him next to Yan Lo and giving him reactivate when she went. Perdita wasn't going to stand for those easy points and began to fire into the massive melee and ended up randomizing into the Necropunk and put it to 1 wd due to hard to kill. Yan Lo followed this up with the killing blow to the necropunk, lightning dancing out of the melee, and moving to cover behind a grove of trees. The peacekeeper flurried into Mortimer, but fate was smiling upon him as he flipped 3 11+ cards in a row for defense and was only hit once. Chiaki and Datsu Ba managed to get clear of the melee and move in ranged of the extraction marker in the middle. Likewise, Abuela, the austringer, and the watcher moved up to the extraction marker. The guild began moving the marker towards their deployment.


Molly - 0, Yan Lo - 1 (extraction), Perdita - 1 (extraction)


Turn 3:

Perdita seized initiative and pushed towards the peacekeeper in front of her (discarding a card), walked forward, and charged Yan Lo who moved to the side of a dense wooded area. Her first shot did a couple of damage, but upon her second she unloaded everything she had discarding both the vengeance bullet and stoning for an extra ram. Fortune didn't smile upon her though as double weak damage was flipped and Yan Lo was impossible to wound. She did manage to put 9 damage on him total though, but still alive. Molly took full advantage of the other masters having both gone and summoned in a second necropunk who was able to deliver a message this round (The message to Yan Lo being that Perdita is trying to assassinate him). Yan Lo then once against danced this time throwing Perdita to Izamu and licked his wounds (while Molly swore to protect him from the evil guild). At this point the masters knew who had what for the first set of schemes, but still the second set hadn't been figured out. That is until the peacekeeper flurried into Mortimer near the end of the round; leaving a bloody mess and a murdered protege. Elsewhere, Toshiro inched away from everybody, Izamu chopped away at Molly's crew, Datsu Ba stayed near the extraction marker and Abuela told that young en' peacekeeper to get his butt on the move to charge Yan Lo next round.


Molly - 4 (deliver, extraction), Yan Lo - 2 (extraction), Perdita - 5 (murder protegy, extraction)


Turn 4:

The guild demanded Yan Lo's death and seized initiative once again, allowing the peacekeeper to charge towards the old man. This time he didn't escape death as the peacekeeper made short work of him. The rest of the fight had shifted towards the middle of the board and Datsu Ba sensing the need to make her move pushed through the hazardous terrain in the middle only to suffer a severe damage flip which finally killed her (having taken 15+ damage and healed most of it previously) much to her opponents amusement. Toshiro also seeing his opening, moved to the north corner to stay away from the fighting (removing all doubt to the others that he was the bodyguard target). Izamu having a new playmate Perdita began attacking her to draw her ire so he could frame her for murder, but swung a bit too hard and ended up killing her. The ressers sensing a guild victory began to combine efforts to kill those in the middle holding the marker.


Molly - 6 (bodyguard, extraction), Yan Lo - 3 (extraction), Perdita - 9 (assassinate, extraction)


Turn 5:

The finally round saw "Grandma" Abuela going defensive +2 while the undead swung at her en' mass. She managed to avoid most of the attacks and had her friendly austringer protect her for a couple damage (Df trigger), but she ended up going down from the shear number of attacks. The austringer managed to hold strong though while the peacekeeper ran back up to help his friend hold the marker. Izamu pushed forward in frustration and took a swing at Molly, while the soul porter tried ineffectively to hurt Toshiro. Extra rounds were not to be had and the guild walked away victorious.


Molly - 9 (bodyguard, extraction), Yan Lo - 4 (extraction), Perdita - 10 (extraction)

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