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How to Vassalfaux


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Hey all,


If you're on SoCal Malifaux or A Wyrd Place on facebook you might have already seen this but...


I put together a quick series of 3 videos on the basics of "how to vassalfaux". It's pretty bare bones but designed to help you get into a game and start to feel comfortable with the module and vassal itself. I don't know how long it's going to be up to date since the modules are being updated and released with the quickness these days but anyway, I hope someone out there finds some value in these!




May you only flip red jokers and never black for damage, happy gaming!



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this is awesome! been trying to get people in the group i used to play with (I moved to a Mali-free town for school :(   ) to get into Vassal, but they are a little apprehensive at trying to learn the mechanics. This will be a great tool for swaying them. Thank you! 

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