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  1. I had went to a 5 round tournament back in October. Went 4-0-1 (tie was against matt Carter). Carlos (leader- 2 bombs) Firestarter (2 bombs) Emissary (no bombs) Mannequin (1 bomb) The gameplan turn 1 was use Carlos to walk walk drag the mannequin and dance a little further up. Mannequin then drops a bomb. Fire starter goes reckless moves 21 inches in to the backfield. Emissary wrecks the center! Negation aura is brutal against a 4 card hand. Turn 2 assess board state and adjust accordingly. Most people went after Carlos (cause assassinate is a thing) but with go
  2. That could but an interesting! Tho shang would cost 5 (4ss+1 tax)
  3. The golem is great with sparks. Give the golem fast and more sheild then hide him close to the golem out of harms way but in 6in of the scrap marker turning it in to dam/injured hazardous.
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