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  1. The “Let Me Show You” general talent from Into the Steam, and the “Specialized Toxins” general talent from Under Quarantine has been replaced by updated versions in the 2e core rule book. The Sychophant general talent from Into the Steam has been updated in the errata. All of the magical theories from all books except Above the Law has been replaced completely with the ones in the 2e core rule book.
  2. I noticed the Above the Law pursuits were missing from the list above. Basic: Bureaucrat - p.96 Commander - p.102 Cunner - p.108 Magewright - p.112 Marksman - p.116 Propagandist - p.120 Advanced: Executioner - p.128 Guild Lawyer - P.130 Mage Killer - p.134 Soulstone Aficionado - p.136 Witchling Handler - p.138
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