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  1. The first half of my Tyrant Pledge arrived more than three weeks ago (the tracking mail came the night after the package arrived...). However the second half is still missing. No tracking, no information. After inquiring with Wyrd they told me they were looking for the tracking information but after that, there was no more communication and they don't react to my messages... This is getting really frustrating and to be honest, I am very disappointed in how Wyrd is handling the whole situation. I am no stranger to Kickstarter projects and all the problems that come with them. But the key has always been proper communication and transparency and this is sorely missing here... Wyrd: I really want to support you guys. I already produced an unboxing as well as a Let's Play on Youtube to promote the (IMO) amazing game. But you are making it difficult for me to keep a positive attitude...
  2. Hi guys! I am not 100% that if this is the right place to post this. If not, then please say so! Since I first discovered Malifaux, I was always very impressed and fascinated by the lore of this game. So I decided to start the new "Tabletop Lore" series on my YT channel "Bier und Brezel Tabletop" with the Malifaux background. The video is in German, but I went ahead and added English subtitles. The story was translated and rewritten based on "Malifaux - A brief history" found on the Wyrd Website (https://www.wyrd-games.net/malifaux-history/) and inside the core rule book. Part two will be uploaded next Monday, followed by short features on the Malifaux factions and selected masters (I love the Dreamer lore, but I am also open to further suggestions for featured masters!) I hope you enjoy the video!
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