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Found 12 results

  1. Hello everyone! I am a big Leveticus fan and I was hyped to see the callback to rider Levi and his lore entry is intriguing, as we know through the dead man's hand wyrd isn't afraid of killing character, but Levi seems to hold a great piece of importance along with the other horsemen, so what do you think is the future of Levi and all the other horsemen?
  2. I was talking to someone about what a Resser-Neverborn master might look like and they brought up vampires. I realized I'm not sure if vampires even exist in the Malifaux universe, much less on that side of the breach! She'zuul and the Half Blood transformation process are the closest I could find, and neither are really vampires per say. Does anyone know a definitive answer as to whether they exist? (I know it might be like far, where we think the answer is no but a future release will confirm it, or vice versa, just very curious!)
  3. Hi guys! I am not 100% that if this is the right place to post this. If not, then please say so! Since I first discovered Malifaux, I was always very impressed and fascinated by the lore of this game. So I decided to start the new "Tabletop Lore" series on my YT channel "Bier und Brezel Tabletop" with the Malifaux background. The video is in German, but I went ahead and added English subtitles. The story was translated and rewritten based on "Malifaux - A brief history" found on the Wyrd Website (https://www.wyrd-games.net/malifaux-history/) and inside the core rule book. Part two will be uploaded next Monday, followed by short features on the Malifaux factions and selected masters (I love the Dreamer lore, but I am also open to further suggestions for featured masters!) I hope you enjoy the video!
  4. Hello friends! I have read the Nico vs LJ story in the chronicles and saw an interesting thing. When Yan Lo threatening Nico, Nick himself mentioned that was dead once. Can you please point a story where this happened?
  5. I've been reading Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman recently and there are two figures that reminded me quite strongly of two fellows we know: Mr. Graves and Mr. Tannen. Malifaux being full of both obvious and obscure references (I'm still not sure if Vincent St.Clair is supposed to represent Vin Diesel or not) I was wondering if the lead designers took some inspiration from the two crooked thugs that appear to be humans to the untrained eye.
  6. This is my first post. If it belongs elsewhere please let me know. Now that that's outta the way, I'd like clarification. This is a Guild Rifleman: Do you see that gun? I have looked through gun databases, firearms collection galleries, and watched more than a fair number of Forgotten Weapons vids trying to find a single repeating rifle that could match up to what is being held there. There are none. That gun has a ramrod, heavy furniture clamps, and a flintlock mechanism. It is for all appearances a wheellock rifle. A this: It's not a question of looks; personally I think wheellocks look bad-ase. It's a question of mechanics and firepower. You see, they carried these things on the Mayflower. They are old guns. They take a long time to load. And it might just be me, but two shots a minute just doesn't seem to line up with the shoot-every turn riflemen. Now there have been guns with an apparent wheel-lock mechanism that use cartridges in fiction, the pistol from Dishonored for instance, but that runs on whale-oil and I haven't found a similar analogue. So, what's the idea? Don't tell me the Guild can't afford "modern" guns for their soldiers? How do they manage a five-second reload (the length of a turn)? I love this model but it leaves me confused.
  7. Hi Guys, Could someone tell me if there are some stories in the old or the new books about Jack Daw? Thanks
  8. Are gremlins tolerated in the human settlements of malifaux at all or are they hunted like vermin? I know Perdita is hunting gremlin bandits in the stories but in real world colonisations of continents there have existed both enemies of the state and accepted individuals of the indigenous population. The question is basically - are gremlins viewed as people or animals by humans? Everyone please feel free to chime in but anyone with good knowledge of the lore, possibly from playing TTB should feel a little extra welcome. Additional information: I'm short a lawyer from owning the old Lucius set and since they're rare 2 it seems like a bad idea to get a box of two. I was starting to get silly model ideas for a gremlin in a robe and wig. I'm guessing it might be unlikely for a gremlin to rise to that sort of position but hey, Lucius plays by his own rules right? Besides that, the masks worn by his lawyers and apparent willingness for his special retinue of loyal guardsmen to accept working next to a Mature Nephilim sort of has me thinking that anything goes as far as they're concerned.
  9. So I'm rather curious why humans get all of the gremliny copy-cat attention. The fluff states that after humans arrived in Malifaux the gremlins started to mimic their farming practice to try and take over their pigs, develop moonshine, and fire boomguns. But haven't Neverborn been around for at least as long as the Gremlins? Aside from Sammy imitating Zoraida, why aren't there other green versions of Neverborn stuff? An easy answer is that Neverborn have a malleable appearance, and only look the way they do now because of the presence of humans. But we also know that Black Blood can be implanted (or is maybe even infectious?), so it's still possible for there to be an acid-blood goblin. Similarly, they love to get intoxicated, so there are likely some gremlin Illuminated/Depleted floating around (though I totally get not making a model for that as it would span 3 factions). In addition to that, it's also rather interesting that the gremlins seem to be immune to the necromantic voices that seem to seep into human minds in Malifaux. I know there are people who want a gremlin Resurrectionist, but I think it could be a cool plot point that gremlins cannot hear those secrets. Any thoughts? Or perhaps stories which I don't know of which go into some of these details?
  10. So I was wondering do the 1st 1.5 and 2nd edition rule books have progressive lore? Like 1 has descriptions of the factions then it kinda progresses to their current goals etc? Also I was wondering is there more lore on Collodi then just the page on here? I realy like him and Lynch and was curious if there was any canon stories of them. I love the lore and really wanna write my Battle Reports as short stories but I'm hoping to find lore info regarding my fave masters.
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