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  1. Sound good to me! Cheers guys!
  2. Morning all, hopefully everybody had nice Christmas and suitably stuffed from too much food. I am looking to expand on my guild forces but being a hideously inexperienced player I am not sure what to get so am looking for recommendations... at present I have... the torch and the blade set the guilds judgement set body of evidence set 2x guild guard 1 x governors proxy. what do people recommend I get next to fill any glaring gaps/roles in my army lists? cheers!
  3. I like those! loving the gradient too! I also love a good base on a model. really adds character
  4. erk... I will get some up soon!
  5. thanks folks... I have gone for a metallic silver, washed and then drybrushed back up again in places!
  6. Thanks guys, appreciate the help
  7. Hi Folks, Am fairly new to Malifaux and am loving the models. I want to have a crew that looks half decent when I play (I am not the most gifted painter...) as I have a habit of buying stuff faster then I paint it. I have got on fine with the clothing layers but was wondering if anybody has any tips for painting swords? I use citadel paints thanks in advance
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